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Healthy body

Resources for a healthy body will help staff and postgraduate research students to look after their physical wellbeing. We have collated free resources from credible, evidence-based sources, including the NHS and the Government.
Dr consultation

Occupational Health services

Read about UCL's Occupational Health services, self refer or make a referral.

a woman with pain in her neck

Physiotherapy service

Free physiotherapy for all UCL staff and postgraduate research students. 

Nearby Nature Logo

Nearby Nature

Share, explore and enjoy popular nature spots near to you and around UCL.  

A woman stretching at her desk

Movement and physical activity

Explore discounted classes and gym memberships available to UCL staff. 

A hand hovering over a drink to prevent more being poured in

Alcohol use and misuse

Get support and find information to help reduce your alcohol consumption.

a platter for fruit and nuts

Nutrition and healthy eating

Find out how having a balanced diet can support your physical and mental health. 

Woman waking up refreshed

Sleep and recharging

Access resources to improve your sleep and overcome sleep difficulties.  

a person snapping a cigarette in half

Smoking and tobacco use

Working together with Camden and Islington Council to help you quit.