UCL Human Resources


Religion and Belief Equality Steering Group

We will promote positive attitudes toward staff & students of faith or belief and raise the profile of good practice in this area. Membership is open to all staff and and students of faith or belief.

Once established UCL’s staff and student Religion and Belief Equality Steering Group will:

  • Meet termly to discuss religion and belief equality at UCL.
  • Promote religion and belief equality for staff and students though involvement and consultation on the university’s plans, strategies, policies, organisational change exercises and guidance.
  • Liaise with UCL students and staff equalities networks, and departments across UCL to promote positive attitudes towards staff and students of faith or belief.

Are you interested in being a steering group member?

  • Please read the draft .
  • Members can be any UCL staff member in any role type or any student who is of faith or belief.
  • Applications from UCL staff who have skills in communications are particularly encouraged (such as media, copy writing and communication planning) or in HR (policy, processes, management) – but all applications are welcomed.

How to apply