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Interfaith at UCL

From its beginnings in 1826, one of UCL’s founding principles has been opposition to religious discrimination, welcoming staff and students of all faiths and none.

In 2018, Vice-Provost (Advancement) Lori Houlihan became UCL’s first Interfaith Champion, with a mission to:

Support and showcase the diversity of religious belief within UCL’s community and the contribution that faith-based groups make to the life and work of the university. She will collaborate widely to promote understanding, respect, positive relationships and constructive dialogue between people of all faiths and none, and will be a visible figurehead to coordinate activities, develop policies, report issues or concerns, mediate in disputes, and monitor best practice.  

Places of worship in London

London is home to a variety of places of worship. Those close to or easy to reach from UCL include:

UCL Staff-Student Interfaith Forum

UCL has an active group of staff and students who are helping to raise the profile of faith and faith communities at UCL. For more info or to join us, please email interfaith@ucl.ac.uk

Events and Activities

UCL’s Sikh Society will hold its annual flagship Langar event on campus on Monday 16th March, marking the 13th Langar at UCL - a free kitchen where everyone regardless of religion, gender, social status or background is served free vegetarian food.

Langar is part of a broader concept of Sewa (selfless service), designed to uphold the principles of equality, humility and selfless service, which are the primary teachings of Sikhism. UCL’s Sikh Society is one of the oldest faith-based societies at UCL, founded over 30 years ago.

Sukhminder Singh Chawla, President of the Sikh Society, says:“Langar on campus is our biggest event of the year, where we serve over 600 vegetarian meals. It is an important symbol of equality and togetherness with everyone eating together with none of the social distinctions that might exist ordinarily. We hope everyone, students and staff alike, will join us for a simple but meaningful meal, and find out more about Sikhism. Everyone is welcome!”

This year’s Langar will take place on Monday 16th March in the South Cloisters from 11am to 4pm. Anyone is welcome to drop in at any time.

More information at: https://www.facebook.com/UCLSikhSoc/

Keep in touch

To ask a question or sign up to receive occasional news, updates and events, please email interfaith@ucl.ac.uk