Human Evolution @ UCL




optional undergraduate courses

Courses that cover more specialist topics relevant to Human Evolution.

Title Code Tutor/Coordinator
Research Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology ANTH1013  
Human Brain, Cognition and Language ANTH7022  
Introduction to European Prehistory ARCL1010 Marc Vander Linden
Introduction to Archaeology ARCL1014 Andrew Reynolds
Current Issues in Archaeological Theory ARCL2028 Andrew Gardner
Theory and Method for the Archaeology of the Ancient World ARCL2044 Kris Lockyear
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BIOC1001/1009  
Biological Inter-Relationships  BIOL1001   
Quantitative Biology  BIOL1002 Prof Francois Balloux
Introduction to Genetics  BIOL1005 Prof Steve Jones and Dr Lawrence Bellamy
Life on Earth  BIOL1006 Prof Max Telford
Fundamentals of Molecular Biology  BIOL2004 Prof Mark Thomas
Introduction to Human Genetics  BIOL2006 Dr Nikolas Maniatis
Evolutionary Genetics  BIOL2007 Prof Kevin Fowler
Animal Biodiversity BIOL2009 Dr Julia Day
Fundamentals of Ecology BIOL2012 Dr David Murrell
Computational Biology  BIOL2015 Dr Max Reuter
Molecular Evolution  BIOL3010 Prof Ziheng Yang FRS
Advanced Human Genetics 2: Genetics in Context
BIOL3011 Dr Oliver Davis
Sex, Genes and Evolution  BIOL3012 Prof A Pomiankowski
Human Ecology: Geographical Perspectives  GEOG1004 Dr. Richard Taylor
Methods in Human Geography GEOG2003 Dr Russell Hitchings
Ecological Patterns and Processes GEOG2007 Dr Jan Axmacher
Reconstructing Past Environments  GEOG2008 Dr Viv Jones and Prof Jonathan Holmes
Cultural and Historical Geography GEOG2024 Dr Caroline Bressey
Statistics for Environmental Geographers  GEOG2026 Dr Anson Mackay