Andy Gardner
  • andrew.gardner@ucl.ac.uk
  • Direct: +44 (0)20 7679 4740
  • Internal: 24740
  • Room 402
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Andrew Gardner

Research Interests

  • The archaeology of the Roman world and early Medieval Europe, with a particular focus on Britain.
  • Social theory in archaeology, including issues of identity, temporality, and materiality.
  • Uses of texts and material culture in historical archaeologies.
  • Cultural change and ‘collapse’.
  • Approaches to violence and warfare in past societies.
  • The history of Anglo-American archaeological thought in a global context.

[Link to a blog about Andrew's recent work on imperial identities and 'Brexit']

[Listen to a podcast about Andrew's talk on time at Big Ideas]

Research Directory Records

Current Field Projects

Educational Background

  • 2001: PhD Archaeology – Institute of Archaeology , UCL
  • 1997: MA Archaeology – Institute of Archaeology , UCL
  • 1995: BA Archaeology (General) – Institute of Archaeology , UCL.

 Current students

  • Ryan Perry Middle Assyrian Glyptic: art, empire and identity (joint principal supervisor with Mark Altaweel)

Second Supervisor

  • Rhiannon Comeau Land, people and power in early Medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective (principal supervisor Andrew Reynolds)
  • Nicky Garland An analysis of the Early Urban landscape in the Late Iron Age (principal supervisor Sue Hamilton; tertiary supervisor Dominic Perring)
  • Carlotta Gardner Metalworking crucibles in Roman Britain (principal supervisor Ian Freestone)
  • Luisa Nienhaus Remembering Europe's Bloody Past: how do contemporary commemorations of the Napoleonic Wars reflect changing ideas of Europe and European identities? (joint principal supervisors Tim Schadla-Hall and Gabriel Moshenska)
  • John Sharrock Identifying urban landscapes of memory: insights into WW2 civilian experience through an examination of its commemoration (principal supervisor Gabriel Moshenska)
  • Sanja Vucetic Patterns of iconographic representation of human sexuality and mythological erotic pursuits on Roman terracotta mould-made lamps and terra sigillata (principal supervisor Jeremy Tanner)
  • Tom Williams Aspects of ritual warfare in early Medieval Britain (principal supervisor Andrew Reynolds)

Completed PhD Students

  • Susheela Crease An investigation of the practise of deposition in watery contexts in the British pre Roman Iron Age-Roman transition (joint principal supervisor with Sue Hamilton)
  • Hilary Orange Public Perceptions of Cornish mining landscapes (second supervisor Sue Hamilton)
  • Tina Paphitis The folklore of archaeology: public perceptions, identity and engagement with 'Arthurian' sites (second supervisor Ulrike Sommer)
  • Kerrie Pezzo ‘Weekend Warriors’: Re-enactors, Living Historians, National Narratives and the Value of ‘Authenticity’ in the US and UK (principal supervisor Kevin MacDonald)
  • Anna Razeto A comparative study of cities: Rome and Han China (second supervisors Dominic Perring and Tao Wang)
  • Jay Rees Settlement Patterns in Roman Galicia from 27BC - AD 409 (second supervisors Stuart Brookes and Andrew Reynolds)
  • Michelle Statton Dress, adornment and identity in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain (50BC - AD 410) (second supervisors Sally Worrell and Roger Bland [BM])
  • Meredith Wiggins Roman households: Space, status and identity (second supervisor Bill Sillar)

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