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  • Room 205
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew is on sabbatical during 2017-18

Research Interests

Andrew Reynolds has worked on over sixty archaeological projects in Britain and abroad, including in Ethiopia, Russia, Spain and Barbados.

His principal interests are the archaeology of early medieval societies in north-western Europe, especially Britain during the period AD700-1200, and the archaeology of standing buildings. Recent research themes include the archaeology of governance, the geography of burial in the landscape of early medieval England and the nature of physical, temporal and social boundaries as expressed in the archaeological record. Andrew is particularly interested in the methodologies employed by archaeologists working in documented periods.

Landscapes of Governance: a three-year interdisciplinary research project bringing archaeology, place-names and written sources together in a national study of early medieval assembly site.

Research Directory Records

Current Research Projects

  • Buckfastleigh Project: a major excavation and landscape survey project exploring the development of a monastic landscape from an early Christian foundation to the present day.
  • Compton Bassett Area Research Project: ten-year field project based in the Avebury region looking at Roman and medieval settlement. Started in 1991, the project is now in its post-excavation/fieldwork phase.
  • Howmore Survey: Standing building and detailed topographical survey of a medieval ecclesiastical complex on the Outer Hebridean island of South Uist.
  • Wansdyke Survey: A long-term field survey project of a major early medieval linear boundary, including the development of field methodology for investigating linear earthworks.
  • Civil Defence of Wessex in the Viking Age: a multidisciplinary project investigating the nature of visual and physical networks of military communications and fortifications in Anglo-Saxon Wessex, funded by a major award from the Leverhulme Trust.


York University, English Heritage, Exeter Museum, King Alfred’s College, Winchester (Buckfastleigh Project); Glasgow University and University of Wales College Newport (Howmore Project); English Heritage (Wansdyke Project); Univerities of Madrid, Reykjavik, Birmingham, Reading, York (AHRB funded research seminar: Space in the Early Middle Ages).

Visiting lecturer

  • University of Uppsala 2001 and 2003
  • University of Cambridge 1998 - 2005
  • Architectural Association 1998 - 2005
  • University of the Basque Country (Uitorca) 2007 -

Educational Background

  • Field Archaeologist 1985-90
  • 1993 BA Medieval Archaeology, University College London
  • 1998 PhD University College London

Current Students

  • Robert Briggs An interdisciplinary study of the significance of Old English - ingas in Anglo-Saxon society and culture, with special reference to place-names (joint second supervisors Stuart Brookes and Richard North)
  • Rosalind Broadley From Wics to monasteries and palaces: Early Medieval vessel glass form settlement contexts (second supervisors Stuart Brookes and Marcos Martinon-Torres
  • Rhiannon Comeau Land, people and power in early medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective (second supervisor Andrew Gardner)
  • Hana Lewis Pattern and process in Anglo-Saxon rural settlement (second supervisors Stuart Brookes)
  • Lucy Sladen Socio-Economic and Cultural Change in post-Roman England: A Meta-Analysis of Changing Animal Exploitation and Interaction (joint principal supervisor with Louise Martin)

Second Supervisor

  • Mainardo Gaudenzi Asinelli Islamic influences in copper alloy production in the central Tyrrhenian Sea during the Middle Ages (principal supervisor Marcos Martinon-Torres)
  • Sirio Canos Donnay Imperial Landscapes of Ancient Mali: Settlement patterns and social organisation (principal supervisor Kevin MacDonald)
  • Joanna Rutterford Variability in the Prevalence and Distribution of Osteoarthritis: A Case Study from Norfolk (principal supervisor Tony Waldron)
  • Youri van den Hurk Social Implications of Cetacean Exploitation in North Western Europe (principal supervisor Louise Martin)

Completed PhD students

  • Chiara Bonacchi Communicating archaeology in the changing world of media. Archaeological communication trends and potential for socio-economic development and site management (principal supervisor Tim Schadla-Hall)
  • Diana Briscoe The stamped wheel-turned pottery of fourth century Britain and its relationship to the stamped hand-made pottery of the Post-Roman period in Britain(principal supervisor Clive Orton)
  • Sue Brunning The 'Living' sword in Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavia c.500-1100: An interdisciplinary study (second supervisor Jeremy Tanner)
  • Jonathan Eagles The reign, culture and legacy of Stephen the Great, voivode of Moldova: a study of ethnosymbolism in post-communist Romanian societies (second supervisor Neal Ascherson)
  • Martin Locker Landscapes of pilgrimage in Medieval England (principal supervisor Joe Flatman)
  • Ken Marks Archaeology of Anglo-Jewry 1656-1880 (second supervisor Dominic Perring)
  • Jay Rees Settlement Patterns in Roman Galicia from 27BC - AD 409 (principal supervisor Andrew Gardner)
  • Michael Shapland Towers of lordship: Tower-Nave churches in society and landscape of Early Medieval England (second supervisor Mark Lake)
  • Andy Agate Suburban development in Later Anglo-Saxon and Norman England(second supervisor Dominic Perring)
  • Tom Williams Aspects of ritual warfare in early Medieval Britain (second supervisorAndrew Gardner)

Secondary Supervisor

  • Martin Locker Landscapes of pilgrimage in Medieval England (principal supervisorJoe Flatman)
  • Jay Rees Settlement Patterns in Roman Galicia from 27BC - AD 409 (principal supervisor Andrew Gardner)
  • Later Anglo-Saxon England
  • Reynolds_AR001.jpg
  • Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs
  • World Archaeology
  • Avebury: The Biography of a Landscape
  • Boundaries in Early Medieval Britain
  • Reynolds_Burial.jpg
  • People and Space in the Middle Ages
  • Studies in Early Anglo-Saxon Art and Archaeology (BAR 527)
  • Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Vol 99)
  • Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Vol 101)
  • Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Vol 102)
  • Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Vol 103)
  • Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (Vol 104)
  • Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Museum (Vol 100)
  • Scale and Scale Change in the Early Middle Ages
  • World Archaeology Volume 43, Number 3, September 2011
  • On Track: The Archaeology of High Speed I Section I in Kent
  • Early Medieval Art and Archaeology in the Northern World. Studies in Honour of James Graham-Campbell
  • Landscapes of Defence in Early Medieval Europe

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