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HSE Network News

HSE Network News

The HSE Network will be operating without administrative support, with the loss of our previous Research Coordinator for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021. This lack of administrative support will impact both planned and ongoing activities across the HSE Network.

The HSE Network committee will be working closely with colleagues at UCL to maintain some limited core elements of the HSE Network, such as a social media presence and training/engagement opportunities for the Network’s members. The committee will also be exploring options to reinstate the full range of activities planned for the HSE Network in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and continued support of the HSE Network at this time. Any questions please contact: Dr Josep Grau-Bove

BEAMS Heritage Science & Engineering Network Call for Postgraduate Student & Postdoctoral Research Associate Representatives

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The HSE Network is currently accepting applications for two positions for one Postgraduate Student Representative and one Postdoctoral Research Associate to serve for the academic year 2020/21 on the HSE Network Executive Committee.

The HSE Network Representatives will have the opportunity to be involved in and shape the Network’s public engagement activities, future events and strategic direction. In addition, the HSE Network Representatives will gain valuable professional experience participating in an executive level committee at UCL and working with a diversity group of multi-disciplinary professionals.

The responsibilities for this role will be shared between the two Representatives and will include attending committee meetings of the HSE Network Committee, voting on agenda items, providing input and shaping the upcoming HSE Network activities and events along with other public engagement and outreach activities and programs coordinated by the HSE Network. Representatives will also be expected to be a positive reflection of what the HSE Network represents (see HSE Network’s Terms of References) and act as a role model for their peers and colleagues. Representatives will also be expected to actively promote the HSE Network via social media particularly around upcoming events and communicate these activities and network events to their student peers/cohort and colleagues particularly across all three BEAMS faculties and the wider UCL community.

The HSE Network would particularly like to encourage the participation of Postgraduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Associates who identify as underrepresented groups including women, BAME, LGBT + community and disabled individuals at UCL to apply. In this vein, the HSE Network would like to reach out to all senior staff members/colleagues and ask that they actively reach out and encourage their Postgraduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Associates may not normally feel confident to come forward and apply for this opportunity to become involved with the HSE Network.

Qualifications to apply:

1. Currently enrolled as UCL Postgraduate (PhD) student in BEAMS or employed as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in BEAMS.

2. Commitment/Involvement in Heritage Science and Engineering field.

Procedure for selection:

Please submit a brief (2 pages max) CV and concise covering letter (1 page max) outlining how you feel you are a good fit for this position. CV and covering letters may be either written, audio or video format. Please email CV and covering letter together to the Research Coordinator for the HSE Network by 17:00 BST on 26th of October 2020.

Please note that we encourage all Postgraduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Associates to discuss this opportunity with their supervisor/s and/or PIs before submitting an application. The current HSE Network Committee will review the applications and make a decision by October 2020.

BEAMS Heritage Science & Engineering Network Call for Speakers for HSE Network Webinar Series

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The new HSE Network’s themed webinar series is an informal platform for UCL Early Career Researchers and Postgraduate Students to share Heritage Imaging related topics with a broad audience including UCL undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic and professional staff and the general public. All lectures will take place online via Microsoft Teams. Time permitting, for there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the lecture. All lectures will be recorded and uploaded to UCL Mediacentral and hosted on the HSE Network website for open public viewing. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for Early Career Researchers and Postgraduate Students at UCL to engage, communicate their research and reach out to a wider audience. As well as providing excellent exposure for their research and showcasing future heritage leaders, this series offers a supportive, collegiate environment for sharing ideas/research and to receive constructive comments/feedback/insights from a wide audience including senior academics at UCL, leaders in the heritage/museum field, student peers, community groups and the wider public.  

The HSE Network is inviting engaging speakers on the following themes (but other topics that are of relevance to the HSE Network will also be considered by the HSE Network selection committee).

  • Heritage Imaging;
  • Climate change and heritage;
  • Global health and heritage; 
  • Science and heritage.

A specific focus on (i) modelling; (ii) data analytics and/or (iii) foresight is welcome.

We are looking for 25-30 minutes presentations. We welcome contributions related to Heritage Research/Projects/Competitions/Interests at UCL. 
We particularly encourage the participation of Early Career Researchers, postgraduate students and other researchers particularly those who identify as underrepresented groups including Women, BAME, LGBT + community and disabled individuals at UCL.

In this spirit, we are reaching out to senior colleagues to ask them to actively encourage their Early Career colleagues, postgraduate students, independent research colleagues and/or other colleagues/students who may not normally feel confident about presenting to come forward. 

Please email a written/graphical/video/audio abstract of approximately 250-300 words or 5 minutes in length to the HSE Network Research Coordinator. Deadline 12th of October 17:00 BST.  

Please note that we strongly encourage all postgraduate students to discuss this opportunity with their supervisor/s before submitting an abstract.     

Ethos of Webinar Series 
The aims of this webinar series is to showcase a wide and diverse range of research taking place in Heritage Science and Engineering fields. We welcome all contributions that help to create space for the exchange of new ideas in a collegial manner that contribute to building and extending the boundaries of Heritage.  

Additional Requirements 
If you anticipate having any additional requirements when presenting, please make us aware of these when you register. These may include accessibility, access, caring responsibilities or other additional requirements that will enable you to present. 

It is expected that presentations and handouts adhere to Advance HE’s accessibility requirements and we will provide presenters with the relevant guidance material.

Congratulations to ISH Director May Cassar who joins the new UNESCO WHC Reflection Group on Culture and Climate Change.


Professor May Cassar has accepted an invitation to join a new UNESCO World Heritage Centre Reflection Group on Culture and Climate Change. The group is comprised of international experts and leaders in climate science, climate change, and the heritage and cultural sectors.

The Reflection Group will engage jointly in a critical reflection on both the impact of climate change on culture in all its forms, encompassing tangible heritage, intangible cultural heritage and the creative economy, and the ways in which culture can be a resource to address climate change impact.