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Research Projects

Our most recent and ongoing research projects include: 

Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish (2019-2022) An AHRC funded project describing and analysing the grammatical and sociolinguistic features characteristic of the Yiddish used by Hasidic communities worldwide

Jewish Self-Government in Poland from its inception to the present — a critical and annotated source reader (2009–2022) A project to identify, translate and comment on the most relevant and most significant sources pertaining to the history of Jewish self-government in Poland from its beginnings in the Middle Ages to the contemporary world

Introducing Assyrian Medicine: Healthcare Fit for a King (2020-2023) This is a Wellcome Funded Research Resources Award at the British Museum and UCL to publish online the cuneiform Nineveh Medical Encyclopaedia from the 7th century BCE Royal Library of Ashurbanipal of Assyria.   

The whole world shall be our fatherland: Diasporas of the music industry and their Finnish connections (2019–2022) is funded by the Kone Foundation.

Saadya Gaon’s Works on the Jewish Calendar: Near Eastern Sources and Transmission to the West (2021-2023) This Fritz Thyssen Foundation funded project investigates Saadya Gaon’s literary production on the calendar

Qaraite and Rabbanite calendars: origins, interaction, and polemic (2018–2021) This Fritz Thyssen Foundation funded project investigates the origins of the Qaraite and fixed Rabbanite calendars and studies the calendar disagreement between Qaraites and Rabbanites 

Discourses on Body and Sexuality in Polish-Jewish Female Writing between 1890 and 1918 (2019-2021) A project to reflect on the broader cultural context in which Jewish women lived in the Polish lands and how it impacted on perceptions of sexuality and the body. Funded by the National Science Centre of Poland.

Transformation of Jewish political culture: Intercession from the early modern period to the 19th century (2002-2022) Ongoing work by François Guesnet looking at the history of intercession in the history of the European Jewish diaspora





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