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Academic Staff

Academic Staff


Field of Interest


Seth Anziska

Mohamed S. Farsi-Polonsky Associate Professor of Jewish-Muslim Relations

Modern Middle Eastern history, Palestinian and Israeli society and culture

020 7679 2766


Sima Beeri

Teaching Fellow in Yiddish

Yiddish literature and education, Jewish traditional food


Michael Berkowitz

Professor of Modern Jewish History

German Jewry, English-speaking Jewry, Holocaust, Jews in science and technology

020 7679 2814


Alinda Damsma

Teaching Fellow in Biblical Hebrew

Hebrew Bible, Bible translations, Semitics, Jewish mysticism, magic and witchcraft in biblical & post-biblical timesa.damsma@ucl.ac.uk

Mark Geller

Jewish Chronicle Professor of Jewish Studies



Shirli Gilbert

Professor of Modern Jewish History

Modern Jewish History, the Holocaust, Holocaust memory and representation, Jews in South Africashirli.gilbert@ucl.ac.uk

François Guesnet

Professor in Modern Jewish History

Modern Jewish History, Polish Jewish History, Eastern Europe

020 7679 3720


Lily Kahn

Professor in Hebrew & Jewish Languages

Hebrew and Jewish Languages and Linguistics

020 7679 3171


Neill Lochery

Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies

020 7679 3028 


Tali Loewenthal

Teaching Fellow

Hasidism, Modernity, Jewish Mysticism, Orthodoxy, Gender in Orthodoxy

020 7679 3588


Simo Muir

Honarary Research Associate and Teaching Fellow

Yiddish culture during and after Shoah, Jewish history in Finland, Postwar politics of memorys.muir@ucl.ac.uk

Shoshana Sharpe

Teaching Fellow in Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew

020 7679 2420


Willem Smelik

Professor of Hebrew and Aramaic

Aramaic Language and Literature, Hebrew Bible (esp. Former Prophets), Classical Rabbinic Literature, textual transmission

020 7679 3590


Sacha Stern

Professor of Rabbinic Judaism and Head of the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Jewish history in Antiquity, Calendars and time, Rabbinic literature

020 7679 0483



Additional Associates

NameField of InterestContact

Helen Beer

Emerita Ben Zion Margulies Lecturer in Yiddish

Yiddish language, literature, cultureh.beer@ucl.ac.uk

Gillian Greenberg

Honarary Research Associate and Teaching Fellow

Syriac Bible, Hebrew Bible, Translation, Peshittag.greenberg@ucl.ac.uk

Tamara Novis

Teaching Fellow in Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrewt.novis@ucl.ac.uk

Hilary Pomeroy

Emerita Teaching Fellow


Ada Rapoport-Albert

Emerita Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Hasidism, Kabbalah, Messianism, Gender Issues in Judaismr.rapaport-albert@ucl.ac.uk

Tsila Ratner

Emerata Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature

Modern Hebrew literature, Women’s writing, Gender studies


Nadia Vidro

Research Staff


Sonya Yampolskaya

Research Staff

Hebrew language (Maskilic and premodern period), Yiddish language (Yiddish dialects and Hasidic Yiddish)s.yampolskaya@ucl.ac.uk