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Spotlight on Dr Vivek Dua

We're excited to have innovators and world leaders in the healthcare engineering field join our new Management Board.

Vivek Dua

Dr Vivek Dua is a Reader in Chemical Engineering. He completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College in 2000 before joining UCL as a Lecturer in 2004. Vivek uses model reduction and estimation techniques to tackle real-life bioengineering problems. Working with colleagues in the chemical industry and biological fields, he designs solutions to our society’s evolving energy and healthcare needs. 

He is also part of the Product and Process Systems Engineering group which develops new methodologies to optimise system performance within a variety of fields – including biological systems engineering and bioproduct design. 


What is the highlight of your career so far?

Seeing novel systems modelling, control and optimisation techniques I developed being applied to biomedical systems. 

Where do you see your field of research in 10 years, in terms of scientific developments and advances?

I envisage a systems engineering paradigm expanding to many more biomedical applications and providing robust automation technologies for patient-specific solutions in the presence of uncertain parameters.

What is the patient impact of your research / how does your research work towards helping society?

I develop model-based optimisation approaches to healthcare engineering which help with quantitative decision-making. For example, I look at how we select the initial dose for gene delivery while balancing the trade-offs between toxicity and efficacy, computing optimal infusion profile of dialyser for haemodialysis while maintaining the appropriate ion and water balance.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt during your career so far?

I have learnt that perseverance is key.