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Nuffield Research Placement Programme: mentor a student

28 November 2022

An opportunity to supervise and mentor a school student for two weeks.

An adult man shows a young woman something on a computer screen

The Nuffield Research Placement Programme (NRPP) provides engaging, hands-on research projects where Year 12 students have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution within a host organisation.

The NRPP is looking for volunteers who can supervise and mentor a student through an investigation of a topic for two weeks. At the end of which, the student will write a report and produce a poster summarising their work. This is a great opportunity for early-career researchers and above to improve their management and mentoring skills.

Interested researchers can express their interest here on the NRPP website. You will be able to upload project details by the end of January.

Student applications close on 24 March 2023, following which the NRPP will match selected students to suitable projects. Collaborations begin towards the end of July 2023.

Throughout the process, the NRPP will hold an induction and regular drop-in sessions for supervisors.

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