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Dr Mine Orlu discusses Ageing Populations in media panel

5 March 2020

In the next 30 years, the number of over 60s in the world is expected to double. The global population is ageing. Are we ready?

Mine Orlu

Pharmaceutical scientist Dr Mine Orlu (UCL School of Pharmacy) was interviewed in February on TRT World UK’s programme, Ageing Populations, as part of its Vision 2020 series. The panellists had a background in demographics, social innovation, health care, housing, work and retirement. The show discussed how ways that ageing populations will change the world and the potential challenges and opportunities around this. 

Crucially, Dr Orlu emphasised how scientific knowledge, innovation and ideas can have a positive impact on older populations. She said, “We should celebrate living longer, but it is critical to reframe the way we look at later stages of life by recognising the needs and opportunities for older people. Cross-disciplinary research has a crucial role to play in empowering older individuals to self-manage their health and wellbeing, enabling them to stay independent for longer.”

Dr Orlu is the lead for the ‘Age Related Medicines Development and Use Research Cluster` at UCL School of Pharmacy. Her main research interest is at the interface between clinical and pharmaceutical sciences enabling older patients to have access to safe, effective and acceptable medicine. She prioritises patient centric medicine development by translating high quality basic research into clinical benefit via improved treatments and interventions. She is an active member of UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering's community and sits on their Translational Delivery Group, with a particular focus on their research priority area on Healthy Ageing and Multimorbidities across Life Course.

The full programme can be rewatched on Youtube here. TRT World is a discussion programme broadcast out of London focused on bringing people to the table, listening to different opinions and analysing multiple points of view on topical issues. Previous editions can be viewed here

Dr Orlu had previously participated in a panel discussion at UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering’s Autumn Research Symposium around what technologies could be developed to tackle some of the challenges associated with ageing healthily. You can find out more by reading this blog based on their discussions.