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Miranda Nixon receives W D Wright Award from the Colour Group

25 June 2019

Miranda Nixon, a research student from UCL EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent, Integrated Imaging In Healthcare (i4health), was awarded the £500 W D Wright Award by the Colour Group (GB).

Miranda Nixon

The W D Wright Award is intended to help postgraduate students travel to colour-related conferences. Miranda is travelling to the Colour and Imaging Conference (CIC27) in Paris in October. 

The week-long conference consists of colour-related courses, workshops, paper presentations and exhibits.

Miranda’s work is titled ‘The importance of a device-specific calibration for smartphone colourimetry’. It discusses the importance of being able to use multiple different phones for colourimetry (so a method can be generalisable) and compares different options for moving to a device-independent space. 

It also highlights the fact that there are variations between devices, even of the same model, which means that phones should be calibrated on a per-device basis.

As a recipient of the W D Wright Award, Miranda will also present her research at the Colour Group Meeting in November this year.