UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship awarded to Dr Xiao Liu

27 June 2018

Congratulations to IHE Management Board member, Dr Xiao Liu, who has recently been awarded an EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship.


Dr Liu’s team will develop a low-cost batteryless wireless dosage sensor which can determine the drug dosage and release rate during drug delivery. The proposed dosage sensor will use a similar technology to how an Oyster Card works on the Transport for London (TFL) System.

It will utilize an external reader to interrogate a passive sensing tag, wirelessly acquiring the information from the sensor. It requires no battery and is not limited by the types of drug or media surrounding the drug. The technology will be useful for implantable drug delivery and transdermal drug delivery where direct access to drug reservoirs is difficult.



The fellowship will last for three years and is in collaboration with MediWiSe, Royal Veterinary College and GlaxoSmithKline.