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Living With Covid Recovery

An innovative digital programme to treat the long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 infection is helping patients across the UK.

The tool targets patients who are no longer infected but are continuing to recover and rehabilitate at home. By delivering aspects of rehabilitation remotely, the programme helps NHS staff support more patients than would normally be possible in a timely and cost-effective way. As of November 2021, Living With Covid Recovery is helping over 2,890 patients with their recovery across 30 clinics in 20 NHS trusts. There are plans to roll out to more hospitals soon to meet the growing need for this support. 

The rehabilitation tool targets primary symptoms that ‘long-haulers’ report experiencing for many weeks and even months after the peak of their infection – such as fatigue, anxiety and breathing problems. It combines evidence-based methods from physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and respiratory physicians to create bespoke treatment plans for each patient.

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Information for people with Long-Covid

Click here for more information about Long-Covid and how our programme can assist your recovery through the NHS

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Information for clinicians

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Information for NHS Trusts and commissioners

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Information for journalists

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The Living With Covid Recovery Collaboration

Developing the Living With Covid Recovery app has been an incredible collaborative effort involving academic researchers, clinicians and members of the public.

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Long Covid can impact fatigue and quality of life worse than some cancers

Fatigue is the symptom that most significantly impacts the daily lives of long Covid patients, and can affect quality of life more than some cancers.

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