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Tomorrow's Home conversation series

Alongside the exhibition, we're hosting online conversations with experts on health technology, care, wellbeing, and much more. It's free, and everyone is welcome to join in.

    Technology Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Home - a webinar, Thursday 13 January, 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

    Technology infrastructure

    Meet the movers and shakers who are building the infrastructure for tech-heavy homes

    From smart clothing to augmented reality TV sets, the home of the future will support our health and wellbeing in innovative new ways.

    Hear from speakers who are working at the exciting forefront of home technology

    • Mansoor Hanif, Executive Director of Emerging Technologies, NEOM Tech & Digital Company at NEOM
    • Professor Sultan Mahmud, Director of Healthcare for BT's Enterprise Unit
    • Sepi Chakaveh, CEO of Pixsellar
    • Muchaneta Kapfunde, Editor of FashNerd

    Chaired by Rick Chandler

    Rick has over 40 years in the PC and Telecommunications industry. With the advent of the laptop and as Product Director for the UK’s largest PC Retail chain in the 1980s he gave a keynote alongside Bill Gates on mobile working. With the advent of 3G, he led the BT Team that built the Genie platform which became O2, the world’s first Internet-capable mobile operator. These activities gave him a passion for smart technologies which help people enjoy life wherever they are which he is taking forward into 5G and 6G projects.

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    The Future of Space, Reality and Humans in Tomorrow’s Home. Mansoor Hanif

    Mansoor Hanif

    If the Covid pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that today’s homes are not equipped for new, adaptive ways of living and working in one space - there has never been a more pressing need for change.

    In this session, we will share thoughts about how homes in NEOM will expand our concept of the home, how they will be designed and built to be flexible, adaptable and resilient - giving us more space and time to be fully human.

    Tomorrow's home in the Cognitive City will be a perceptual, responsive and transparent environment where our digital and physical selves merge. We will experience this through personalized Data “Halos” or “Auras” - perceived and shared only with consent. These consensual, caring environments will offer access to services and resources (such as holistic clinical networks) previously impossible to obtain on-demand - often at great cost. Neom’s homes are ‘humanistic by design’, offering equitable access to well being for all. NEOM’s urban design maximizes livability, sustainability, and well-being – the core values of a post-covid society. To achieve this sustainably we need to adopt a transparent and efficient model for sharing resources - building a truly consent-based community.

    NEOM is the place for doers who dream big - and who are designing the homes for tomorrow.

    Mansoor Hanif is the Executive Director of Emerging Technologies at NEOM Tech & Digital Co., the world’s leading cognitive technology company, where he oversees initiatives on emerging technologies such as mixed reality, space, satellites, advanced robotics and human-machine interfaces.

    PixselChat - The next generation of multiuser video communication platforms with embedded live AI translations in over 100 Languages. Dr Sepi Chakaveh

    Sepi Chakaveh

    As societies become more culturally and linguistically diverse the need for communication becomes more and more important.

    Moreover, the pandemic has forced organisations to adopt virtual working on an unprecedented scale and it is clear that virtual working will continue in popularity post pandemic.

    During the past 18 months, organisations and individuals have made extensive use of platforms such as Teams and Zoom. None of the established platforms offer seamless, automatic real time  conversational translation.

    Hitherto all communication platforms only allow one language per live sessions. Pixsellar has already developed a next generation of video conferencing platform with integrated real time translation capability. This platform is called PixselChat and allows users to converse seamlessly using video, audio and text in over 100 different languages.

    PixselChat users select a language in which the user wants to communicate. Communications in the selected language are translated in real time (depending on the speed of the network connection) into the language chosen by the other user(s). Each user will send and receive communications in the user's selected language.

    In this talk a brief introduction is given to PixselChat and a short demo on PixselChat in operation.

    Dr Sepideh (Sepi) Chakaveh is the CEO/Founder of Pixsellar technology an Embedded AI in Video Analytics & Streaming start-up company as well as a University of Oxford Lecturer, teaching Data Science, AI & Software Engineering. Sepi is the winner of Everywoman Innovator Award 2020, and Technology Gamechanger 2021.

    The future of wearable technology. Muchaneta Kapfunde

    The future is currently a construction site. Rethinking and reimagining a technology-infused 2050 is like entering uncharted lands for those unfamiliar with the massive potential of new technology when it comes to transforming industries and building environments.

    BT: Care beyond the hospital. Professor Sultan Mahmud and Shane Allum.

    Sultan Mahmud

    Increasingly, technology is being embraced by the NHS to help meet growing challenges across the service. Long term trends, such as an ageing population are now set against backlogs caused by the pandemic and compounded by significant workforce vacancies. In this session, you’ll learn more about the solutions we are developing in partnership with the NHS that will help transform the future of healthcare. Combining the best connectivity with innovative tech and clinical insight, to bring care out into the community; bridging the gap between hospital and home to relieve pressure on frontline services, improve patient care and provide better support to our ageing population.  

    Sultan is the newly appointed Director of Healthcare for BT’s Enterprise unit. He is an experienced executive with a passion for digital innovation and has had a distinguished career in the NHS spanning two decades.

    Shane is a Research & Innovation Specialist at BT Adastral Park.