UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


ECR Travel Bursary Award: Salfarina Saberi

Salfarina Mohamed Saberi is a PhD student within the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science. In September, she attended the TERMIS World Congress in Kyoto.

I was very happy to find out that I was a recipient of the ECR Travel Bursary from UCL IHE. Thank you for the generous, financial support towards my conference attendance at the 5th TERMIS World Congress 2018 in Kyoto, Japan. More than 2,300 participants attended the conference from all over the world. 

Thanks to this award, I was able to present my research progress and communicate with research scientists from academia and researchers. I obtained up-to-date information relevant to my work which will definitely assist with the writing the remainder up of my PhD thesis. For example, there were many types of latest 3D printers used in various tissue engineering applications, with recently-developed biomaterials. From the poster sessions, I learned about a new formulation of growth medium that could improve the angiogenesis of my cell differentiation for heart valve regeneration. 

Salfarina Saberi

I am grateful I was still able to present my work on the final day of the conference after being after stranded for two days at Kansai International Airport due to Typhoon Jebi. The unpredicted changes added more to my accommodation and transport expenses. I truly appreciate the contribution of this bursary; my attendance of the conference would not have been a success without your support.