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CPAP Greatest Needs Overseas fund

There is an urgent need for more breathing aids to support the fight against COVID19 in lower-middle-income countries.

Our team, UCL Ventura, is working on a humanitarian and not-for-profit basis to distribute and share a life-saving breathing aid, known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), internationally. 

We have released the designs and manufacturing instructions at no cost to support the humanitarian fight against COVID-19. Over 20 countries are now manufacturing these at scale. However, not all countries have the manufacturing capabilities and resources to do this in time. 

We need your help to get breathing aids to lower-middle-income countries in time to make a difference. We have 200 kits ready to be shipped immediately - if we can raise funds to cover the basic costs of materials, manufacture and delivery.

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Click the button above to support this cause. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then we are available to talk to you at ihecovid19response@ucl.ac.uk. You can also learn more about UCL Ventura and its international impact on our website.

We have set a minimum target to raise £342,000 which will cover the costs of delivering 200 UCL-Ventura CPAP systems at a cost of £1,675 per kit, plus delivery. 


COVID-19 infections across the globe are growing rapidly. The healthcare infrastructure in many countries is at risk of becoming overwhelmed. 

In the UK, our team from UCL, University College London Hospital (UCLH) and Mercedes-AMG HPP (Formula 1) has developed a life-saving breathing aid. We manufactured 10,000 devices for the UK government which are now being used in over 60 NHS hospitals. UCLH data shows using CPAP reduces a patient's chances of needing invasive ventilation by 50-60%. This is beneficial not only for the patient, but also for optimising healthcare resources such as hospital beds and trained healthcare workers, which are already in short supply. 

We have been working with the non-profit International Medical Education Trust (IMET2000), Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and other partners to bring UCL Ventura CPAP devices to Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda and Bengal where they are vitally needed to support the fight against COVID-19.

We are able to supply over 200 more breathing aids immediately on a humanitarian basis, but need support to cover the basic costs of materials, manufacture and delivery. 

With the peak of infection and number of deaths rising, it is critical that we respond quickly. 

Contact us at ihecovid19response@ucl.ac.uk with any questions or to discuss more.