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The power of conversation: redefining the binary around social media and young people - Show notes

Season 2 Episode 5: The power of conversation: redefining the binary around social media and young peoples’ mental health

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Social media is a huge part of our lives but growing fears are fuelling debate that it is bad for children and young people. What should the conversation around social media be and what questions should we be asking?


“There’s much more room for nuance in the conversation than it feels like we have now.”

Exploring the binary complexities of social media, Dr Chris Bagley and Ella Gregory bring a fresh perspective to the general media narrative around social media and its effect on young people’s mental health. Are we asking the right questions without being hindered by our own bias?  Why are we struggling to make online safe? What are the real dangers? They discuss the lack of quantifiable research, exploitation, and how open and balanced conversations is key to navigating the confusing land of social media.

Dr Chris Bagley is an Educational Psychologist and a lecturer, tutor, and doctorate research supervisor at the UCL Institute of Education. He also works for South Gloucestershire Council. His core motivation is to co-develop psychologically healthy education systems alongside young people, families, professionals and creative thinkers. He is the author of ‘How Technology Is Changing Society and Manipulating Our Children’ (2019), an article published in Psychreg. He is also the Director of Research at States of Mind, an organisation that provides young people with the psychological skills, knowledge and self-awareness that are required for them to thrive in the world. He works with an innovative team of practitioners dedicated to gaining young people's insights about education and placing their voices at the centre of reform.

Ella Gregory is the Social Development Lead at States of Mind. Ella has personal experience with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and as a result, is dedicated to reforming approaches towards mental health. She believes that transforming how we talk about and view our minds and feelings can influence the rest of our lives by helping us to connect, solve problems and thrive. In her role as Social Development lead at States of Mind, Ella co-created an online wellbeing curriculum and has assisted in its implementation in schools and housing groups. She is interested in the intersections of wellbeing, spirituality, religion and nature and spends much of her time in community growing spaces. 

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