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The genetic revolution: implications and applications for improving the health of the public

Join host Doctor Xand van Tulleken for Season 4, Episode 4 of Public Health Disrupted.


How does our understanding of genetics shape the health of the public?

In this month’s episode, our experts dive into the exciting world of genetics, exploring the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations. They discuss not only the value of these advancements but also the ethical considerations surrounding them, particularly in how they can enhance the health of the public.

Dr Adam Rutherford, bestselling author, broadcaster and lecturer in genetics and society at UCL, shares his wealth of knowledge on the evolution of genetics, and the common misconceptions that persist in the field. Adam delves into the historical context of genetics and its entanglement with eugenics, reminding us of the ethical considerations that must accompany scientific advancement.

Prof George Davey Smith, a clinical epidemiologist and director of the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, discusses the impact of genetics on the health of the public. He highlights the potential of genetic data to revolutionise healthcare and offers a critical perspective on the consumer genetics market.

Listen for an in depth look at the complexities of genetic diseases, the implications for health policy, and the ethical dimensions of genetic research.

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