Graduation Ceremonies


Graduation ceremonies 2023 Terms & Conditions

By applying to attend the 2023 UCL Graduation Ceremonies the Student is agreeing to the following:

Students are asked to read through and understand the Terms and Conditions below and to contact the UCL Graduation Ceremonies Team if they have any queries by emailing ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions were updated by UCL on 24/04/23

Location, Date and Time of Ceremony

  • The July  Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions will take place at The ExCel Centre, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1XL.
  • The September  Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions will take place at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX.
  • The dates and times of all Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions are finalised as detailed on the Schedule page
  • It is anticipated that the confirmed Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions  time and date will be emailed to students by the UCL Graduation Ceremonies Team by mid-April 2023 for those registering for July 2023 ceremonies and mid-July 2023 for those registering for September 2023 ceremonies (such confirmation email being referred to in these terms and conditions as the Confirmation Mailing).
  • Students and any anticipated Guests are strongly advised not to make any travel or accommodation arrangements until the Confirmation Mailing is received. UCL is not responsible and accepts no liability for any costs including but not limited to travel or accommodation costs that are incurred by Students and Guests.

Student Registration for Tickets

  • Attendance at a UCL Graduation Ceremony and Reception is not mandatory and has no impact on the awarding of a Student’s degree. Degree certificates may be presented at some of the Graduation Ceremonies for undergraduate students in September, but this is not guaranteed. If degree certificates are not presented at a Graduation Ceremony or a Student does not attend a Graduation Ceremony, then degree certificates  are posted to those Students up to five months following the awarding of their degree.
  • Student Tickets for the Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions will only be issued to eligible Students. UCL strongly recommends Students look at the website for further information about eligibility: www.ucl.ac.uk/graduation
  • In order to attend their Graduation Ceremony and Reception, Students MUST first register to attend their Graduation Ceremony and Reception before the deadline of 5pm (BST) on Friday 5th May 2023 by logging into Portico and completing the form. Students who submit their application after the deadline are not guaranteed attendance at any UCL Graduation Ceremony or Reception. No Student Ticket will be reserved until the application has been completed in full by a Student. Students attend their Graduation Ceremony and Reception free of charge.
  • The Confirmation Mailing sent to Students will give a web-link to the Graduation Portal. In addition to initially registering to attend the Graduation Ceremony and Reception on Portico, Students MUST also log into the Graduation Portal and create a profile within the timescales set out in the Confirmation Mailing (ie by Thursday 25th May for the July ceremonies) in order for the Students’ attendance at their Graduation Ceremony to be confirmed and for Students to be included in the running order of crossing the stage for graduation at their Graduation Ceremony.  
  • Guest Tickets per Student will be available to purchase at a later date. Further information is set out in the Guest Tickets section below.  
  • Due to the year on year increase in the number of Students eligible to attend the Graduation Ceremonies and venue capacity restrictions, UCL is not able to automatically guarantee to offer the deferral of Graduation Ceremony and Reception attendance.

Guest Tickets 

  • Guests due to attend a Graduation Ceremony and Reception must have a Guest Ticket.
  • The timeline for purchasing Guest Tickets will be set out in the Confirmation Mailing. Students must  purchase Guest Tickets during the allocated timeline.  
  • All Guest Tickets must be purchased through UCL’s Guest Ticket provider, which UCL will confirm once registration for the Graduation Ceremonies has closed.  
  • There is no limit on the number of Guest Tickets a Student may purchase.  These Guest Tickets are sold strictly on a first come first serve basis and sales will close when all Guest Tickets have been sold.
  • If there are any Guest Tickets still available for a particular Graduation Ceremony and Reception, these tickets will be available to purchase in person on the day of the Graduation Ceremony at the Graduation Ceremony venue. On the day tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. No Guest Tickets can be reserved prior to the Guest Tickets going on sale.
  • Guest Tickets cost £35 each.
  • Full terms and conditions for the purchase of Guest Tickets can be viewed at the point of purchasing from UCL’s Guest Ticket supplier.

Ticket Refunds & Transfers

  • Students wishing to cancel any or all of their Guest Tickets must request a refund through UCL Ceremonies by emailing ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk
  • Refunds must be requested up to 7 days before the Graduation Ceremony date.
  • Refunds for Guest Tickets will be subject to the deduction of an administration fee equivalent to £2.50 per ticket.
  • Student Tickets are non-transferrable. A Student who decides that they can no longer attend their Graduation Ceremony cannot give their Student Ticket to another Student.
  • A Student must have their own Student Ticket to be able to graduate at the Graduation Ceremony. A Student who only has a Guest Ticket and no Student Ticket cannot graduate at the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Guest Tickets can be transferred to another guest other than the person named at point of purchase, but only for the same Graduation Ceremony that the Guest Ticket was purchased for, without the need to inform UCL. Due to needing to monitor venue capacity and seating arrangements, Guest Tickets are not transferable between Graduation Ceremonies. A Guest cannot attend a Graduation Ceremony or Reception on a Student Ticket.

Academic Dress

  • Academic Dress for Students is mandatory at UCL Graduation Ceremonies.
  • UCL will confirm who it has appointed to supply Academic Dress for the UCL summer 2023 Graduation Ceremonies once registration for the Graduation Ceremonies has closed. The terms and conditions including the charge to hire or purchase Academic Dress can be viewed when hiring or purchasing your gown.

Children and Babies

  • Children are welcome at UCL Graduation Ceremonies, however, from previous experience, UCL advises that the Graduation Ceremonies are not wholly suitable for babies or young children as they are long, formal occasions.
  • Children aged 3 and over who are attending a Graduation Ceremony and Reception must have their own Guest Ticket.
  • Students should clearly indicate when they purchase Guest Tickets if any Guests Tickets are being purchased for a child under the age of five or if a Guest shall be bringing a child under the age of three years old so appropriate seating can be allocated.

Data Protection, Filming and Photography

  • Please see UCL's Local Privacy Notice for the Graduations 2023 for information about how UCL handles student personal data.
  • Please see UCL’s student privacy notice for more information about how UCL handles student data.
  • To protect the privacy of student personal data, the Graduation Ceremonies Team can only discuss a Student’s Graduation Ceremony attendance with the Student.
  • Students who attend a Graduation Ceremony will have their name announced at the Graduation Ceremony as detailed in the “phonetic pronunciation” field detailed in the registration via the Graduation Portal.  If a Student has a query about how their name will be announced they should email the UCL Graduation Ceremonies team at ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk. The UCL Graduation Ceremonies team will endeavour to pass on information on preferred pronunciation of Student’s names to the name reader in that Student’s Graduation Ceremony, but cannot guarantee it will be followed if it is not provided through the Graduation Portal.
  • Each Graduation Ceremony will be professionally filmed and livestreamed in its entirety.
  • UCL may use footage from the Graduation Ceremonies for marketing purposes, including media postings and online postings. Please see UCL’s student privacy notice  and UCL's Local Privacy Notice for the Graduations 2023 for more information about how UCL handles student personal data.
  • Flash photography within the Graduation Ceremony venue and video recording of the Graduation Ceremony by Students and Guests is strictly prohibited.
  • Further information on any UCL organised filming and/or photography at the Graduation Ceremony and Reception will be provided prior to your Graduation Ceremony.
  • Students who apply to attend a Graduation Ceremony may have their first name, initials, surname and degree title listed in a souvenir programme. It may also appear on some UCL merchandise. A Student must inform UCL, in writing by emailing the Graduation Ceremonies team at ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk and before the ticket application deadline (5pm (BST) Friday 5th May 2023), if a Student would like their information withheld from the programme and merchandise. All information will be taken directly from Portico

Tuition Fee Debts

  • Student tuition fees debts to UCL must be settled in full prior to a Student’s attendance at their Graduation Ceremony. If you are concerned how a tuition fees debt will affect your attendance please email the Student Fees team at: fees@ucl.ac.uk
  • If any Student tuition fee debt has not been cleared in full within one week of a Student’s Graduation Ceremony UCL reserves the right to refuse a Student and associated Guests entry to the Graduation Ceremony

Right to Refuse Entry and Removal from the Venue

  • The Academic Manual and Student Code of Conduct applies to Students attending Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions. UCL reserves the right to refuse entry to any Students not abiding by the Academic Manual and/or Student Code of Conduct, prior to or during the event.
  • UCL reserves the right to refuse admission, re-admission or attendance to any Student or Guest to the Graduation Ceremony and Receptions. UCL reserves the right to ask any person to leave the Graduation Ceremony and Reception venue including if they act in any manner which is disruptive to the proceedings or to other attendees. No ticket refunds will be available in such circumstances.
  • Students and Guests must abide by any instructions of UCL and any applicable rules, regulations, guidelines and policies, including fire, health and safety regulations, in relation to their attendance at the Graduation Ceremony and Receptions.
  • Students must arrive, register, dress in Academic Dress and be seated in the auditorium before the start of the Graduation Ceremony. Guests must be seated before the start of the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Students who arrive late may lose their place in the Graduation Ceremony to have their name read out alongside their cohort and will have their name read out at the end of the ceremony instead.

Accessible Seating

  • The Student agrees that any Accessible Seating requirements for themselves, such as wheelchair access, sight or sound facilities should be submitted on the Graduation Portal when the Student is confirming their attendance on that portal,  so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • A hearing loop system will be accessible during the Graduation Ceremony and live captioning will be provided during the ceremony.
  • The Student agrees that any Accessible Seating requirements for Guests, such as wheelchair access, sight or sound facilities are submitted at the point of Guest Ticket purchase so that appropriate seats can be allocated to Guests.

Additional Terms

Additional information relating to Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions can be found here: www.ucl.ac.uk/graduation

  • UCL reserves the right to cancel any Graduation Ceremony and Reception for reasons beyond its control, including but not limited to by reason of war, fire, flood, storm, explosion, act of God, failure or shortage of power supplies, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, civil disturbance, acts or threats of terrorism, non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors, serious illness or pandemic, national or London-based lockdown or any other cause or event not within the control of UCL (including without limitation the actions of any authority or body whose approval or licence is required for the Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions, issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, or the evacuation of the whole or any part of the ceremony venue by reason of emergency). In such circumstances, UCL shall not have any liability to the Students or Guests.
  • UCL may update these terms and conditions and any guidance on Graduation Ceremonies and Receptions at any time.

Failure to comply with any of the above Terms and Conditions may result in the Student and their Guests losing their places at the Graduation Ceremony and Reception.

When registering, Students will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions and will not be able to purchase tickets without doing this.

2023 Graduation Ceremony Glossary

  • Academic Dress or Robes - The collective term for the cap, hood and gown worn by Students and Academic staff. It is mandatory for Students to wear academic dress when they are presented on stage at their Graduation Ceremony.
  • Accessible Seating - Students and/or Guests who have access requirements.
  • BST - British Summer Time.
  • Confirmation Mailing - The correspondence sent to Students by email by the UCL Graduation Ceremonies Team notifying them of the confirmed and final date and time of their ceremony, which will only be sent once all Student registrations have been processed.
  • Guest - a person who is a family member and/or friend of a Student who holds a Guest Ticket.
  • Portico – the UCL Student record system.
  • Student - A student who has met all the eligibility criteria and has been invited to apply to attend the UCL Graduation Ceremonies.
  • Student Ticket - A designated ticket to be used solely by the Student which is not transferable to any other Student or Guest.
  • Guest Ticket - A ticket that is purchased by the Student for a Guest.
  • Reception - The drinks celebration which takes place immediately after the Graduation Ceremony. Students and Guest Tickets grant access to this.