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Telling our global story

UCL Communications and Marketing (CAM) and GEO have been working together to tell our global story better, and our reach continues to extend to wider audiences

UCL colleagues in India

Since the GES launch, CAM and GEO, in collaboration with OVPA, have worked increasingly closely to raise UCL’s global profile through traditional and social media, as well as through UCL channels. We have increased or maintained the international audiences engaging in content on UCL and UCL Global channels.

So far, GEO has produced 36 case studies of academics collaborating with global partners, including six videos, helping to bring UCL’s global activity to life.

Our close work with The Conversation, a media syndication service now based at UCL, led to 133 articles by 101 UCL authors. These have been read by 7.54 million readers in target markets over the last 12 months, with figures steadily increasing. Readers are mostly from the US (30%), followed by the UK (11%), Australia and Indonesia (9% each), France (6%), Canada and India (4% each), Spain and New Zealand (2% each).

Our media partnership with the World Economic Forum now promotes UCL’s research news and insight on global challenges to over 1.5 million influencers a month worldwide.

Spotlight on the UCL-Ventura CPAP story

UCL Media Relations and communications colleagues in the Institute of Healthcare Engineering worked together to generate global coverage of the UCL-Ventura CPAP breathing aid developed to help COVID-19 patients. The story secured more than 2,000 global news articles, with coverage in Spain, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Colombia leading to spikes from South American manufacturers overnight. In the first 60 hours following a press release promoting the open source design, 645 requests from non-profits and manufacturers were approved across four continents. More than 1,900 teams from 105 countries have since downloaded the designs.