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Developing COVID-19 guidance for pharmacists in Pakistan

3 April 2020

Nadia Bukhari, Principal Teaching Fellow in UCL School of Pharmacy, has co-written COVID-19 guidelines for Pakistan's pharmacists

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Nadia Bukhari, Principal Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy Practice at UCL School of Pharmacy, in collaboration with her colleague Bismha Nayyer in Pakistan, has co-written practical cautionary guidelines for Pakistan's pharmacists on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

nadia bukhari
Nadia has a reputation for driving good pharmacy practice and supporting women’s careers in Pakistan. As well as being a leading academic pharmacist at UCL, Nadia is Global Lead for Gender & Diversity Balances in the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and Founder & Patron-in-Chief of National Alliance for Women in Pharmacy, Pakistan (NAWP).

This new precautionary advice, in the form of an infographic called "COVID-19 10 Step Guidance for Pharmacy Teams," features simple, intuitive graphics and is now available in both English (pdf, 467KB) and Urdu (pdf, 482KB) languages.

The 10 steps cover the following areas:

1. Pharmacy Signage
2. Wash Your Hands
3. Self-Isolate
4. Social Distance
5. Face Masks
6. Prescription Handling
7. Mobile Phones Rx Handling
8. Cash / PC Handling
9. Sanitisation of Premises
10. COVID-19 Testing

This crucial communications tool has been approved and endorsed by the Ministry of National Health Services, Coordination and Regulation in Pakistan and supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA).

In addition, this guidance has been supported by: the Drug Regulatory Authority PakistanThe Pakistan Pharmacists AssociationDoctHERS, one of Pakistan’s leading telemedicine providers; Pharmacy Council Pakistan; and the National Alliance for Women in Pharmacy, Pakistan.

The new guidelines are now being widely disseminated and used in pharmacies across Pakistan to support pharmacy staff and their patients.

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