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Working across disciplinary silos and drawing lessons from different areas of governance success and failure, this thematic seeks to contribute to a new generation of global governance scholarship.

Building the world
Global governance is widely viewed as in crisis. Deepening interdependence of crossborder activity belies the relative absence of governance mechanisms capable of effectively tackling major global policy challenges. A first generation of global governance research made visible an increasingly complex and globalising reality beyond the interstate domain. A varied second generation of scholarship, spanning diverse subfields, has built upon this ‘signpost scholarship’ to generate insight into efforts to manage, bypass and even – potentially – transcend multilateral gridlock to address pressing transboundary problems. This research thematic seeks to advance a convergence, already underway, across this theoretically and empirically rich existing scholarship to drive forward a ‘third generation’ of global governance research, distinguished by a shared concern for the complexity of global public policy making and delivery.

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