Global Governance Institute


Good Governance as a Tool to Halt Corruption

19 March 2019

Tim Beijer (MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics) on a GGI keynote lecture with Dr Daniel Kaufmann.

Daniel Kaufmann at a GGI keynote lecture

In 2018, it is estimated that the world lost 2% of its global income to corruption. This amounts to a staggering loss of 2 trillion US Dollars. To put this into perspective, the World Economic Forum has calculated that with this money one could: eradicate world hunger and malaria, bridge the global infrastructure gap and provide basic education to all children around the world. And, what is more, there would still be money left to combat other global problems.

Now that the world is wealthier than ever, it simply seems silly to not tackle the problem of corruption. So too thinks Daniel Kaufmann. Over the course of his career, Mr Kaufmann has advised governments and international organisations worldwide on policies to combat corruption more efficiently. On the 5th of March Mr Kaufmann spoke at the event “Governance, Capture and Corruption: Evidence and Solutions for a Changed World” hosted by UCL’s Global Governance Institute. Packed into a crowed lecture theatre, the speaker was able to methodologically describe how good governance is the most effective tool to fight corruption.

The full artice is available on the website of the International Public Policy Review (IPPR), where it was originally published. IPPR is a student-led academic journal based at UCL's School of Public Policy.