Global Governance Institute


Inaugural Workshop: UK Network on the Prohibition of Torture

20 December 2017

On 2 November 2017, the GGI, the UCL Institute of the Americas, UCL Laws and the Centre for Human Rights Law at SOAS jointly hosted the launch of the 'UK Network on the Prohibition of Torture'.

Barbed Wires

The Network aims to become a key platform for fostering cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral exchange and collaboration between different actors working on the subject of torture prohibition.

The comprehensive workshop report is now available here: The Prohibition of Torture: Future Priorities for Research, Policy and Practice [PDF]

A video of the the evening panel discussion is available at: VIMEO: The Prohibition of Torture: Still a Valid Concern for UK Policy and Practice?

For interviews with workshop participants, please refer to:  

For an overview of the core international treaties, institutions and mechanisms associated with the prohibition and prevention of torture, please refer to: GGI Explainer: Torture Prohibition and Prevention [PDF]