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Digitizing Climate Change: Technology, Society, and Rapid Adaptation

09 February 2021, 5:15 pm–6:30 pm

System Change not Climate Change

Join us for this digital keynote lecture with Vinay Gupta on how we can drive forward realistic systems transformations for a more sustainable global economy.

This event is free.

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Julia Kreienkamp

A self-described humanitarian anticipatory designer, in this talk Vinay Gupta will help us understand how previous rounds of digital transformation in investment, production, and marketing have left us with huge over-consumption of goods, and very little resulting happiness. Can a similar round of transformation, applied to consumption and waste management, rebalance the books? He will lay out a roadmap for 2050 civilisation planning which places a realistic circular economy at its core, built upon blockchain and regulation as intervention points for driving forward systems transformation. In the spirit of Buckminster Fuller, Vinay believes reinvention will require a convergence of resources, capabilities, and needs, facilitated by design. It will also require a truly global perspective.

About the Speaker

Vinay Gupta

Humanitarian Engineer and Founder and CEO of Mattereum

Vinay Gupta
Vinay Gupta is the founder of Mattereum, a London-based fintech company using legally-enforceable smart contracts to enable the sale, lease, and transfer of physical property and other legal rights. He is a technologist and policy analyst with a particular interest in how specific technologies can close or create new avenues for decision makers when dealing with complex global problems. This interest has taken him through cryptography, energy policy, defence, security, resilience and disaster management arenas. He is known for his work on the hexayurt, a public domain disaster relief shelter designed to be built from commonly-available materials, and in the Blockchain community as helping to coordinate Ethereum’s 2015 release, a distributed network designed to handle smart contracts.