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Exploring Budget-Friendly Options Near UCL East

11 March 2024

Our Social Media Ambassador, Jingyi, shares their top recommendations for navigating the areas around UCL East and Westfield without overspending. Discover complimentary campus amenities, discounted dining options and savvy shopping tips.

budget friendly near ucl east

When it comes to navigating around the bustling areas near the UCL East campus and the Westfield shopping center, keeping expenses in check while still enjoying what the locale has to offer can be a savvy move. Fortunately, there are several pocket-friendly options available, ensuring that you can make the most of your time without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Convenient Amenities on UCL east Campus:

Whether you're studying at Marshgate or One Pool Street, convenience is readily available on campus. Each floor is equipped with free water dispensers and accessible restrooms, providing essential amenities to students without any extra cost. This ensures that you can stay hydrated and comfortable throughout your day on campus without having to spend a penny.

2. Affordable Eats at Westfield:

Westfield, a hub of retail and dining, offers opportunities for budget-friendly meals, particularly at its McDonalds. This sizable establishment often features enticing discount deals during midday and evening hours. By keeping an eye on the McDonalds app, you can uncover exclusive offers such as today's 30% off Double McMuffin or 50% off Triple Cheeseburger, allowing you to indulge in delicious treats without breaking the bank.

3. Too Good To Go - Your Ticket to Savings:

For those looking to save on dining expenses while also reducing food waste, Too Good To Go (TGTG) presents an ideal solution. TGTG connects customers with surplus food from various restaurants at discounted prices. Signing up is a breeze, requiring only an email address. After setting your location preferences, you can browse nearby participating restaurants within a 1km radius. That way, you can enjoy cheap and delicious food near ucl east without having to go too far.

4. Shopping Smart at TKMaxx:

Within Westfield lies a treasure trove for bargain hunters: TKMaxx. As Europe's major retailer offering discounted clothing and homeware, TKMaxx provides ample opportunities to score great deals. Early birds often benefit from fresh stock and fewer crowds, making mornings an ideal time for shopping. Remember to exercise patience while browsing, as hidden gems can be found in unexpected corners. Additionally, familiarize yourself with different brands and product quality to make informed purchasing decisions.

By incorporating these budget-friendly options into your exploration of the areas surrounding UCL East and Westfield, you can save a lot of unnecessary expenses and maintain a good financial position. Whether it's enjoying complimentary amenities on campus, snagging discounted meals, rescuing surplus food, or uncovering bargains in retail, there are plenty of ways to maximize value without sacrificing enjoyment. So go ahead, embark on your adventure and discover the treasures that await while keeping your budget intact.