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Settling Into University

18 October 2023

Coming to UCL East t study is an exciting journey full of possibilities. As a new student at GBSH, our Social Media Ambassador: Jingyi shares their story on the best way international students settle into university.

students smiling with packing boxes

Adapting to Campus Life 

The welcome fair is an opportunity for all new students to have a fun-filled week, and the UCL Students' Union organises a series of events and activities to help make the transition to university smooth. At the welcome fair, I was able to network with clubs I was interested in, meet lots of new people, and enjoy delicious meals and goodies.

Dealing with Nostalgia 

Nostalgia was something I had to deal with, especially in the first few weeks, as an international student living alone in an unfamiliar country. So, I regularly call family and friends to share my experiences at UCL East and discuss the challenges I have encountered. Additionally, creating a comfortable living space in the apartment helps relieve unpleasant emotions and helps me adapt to the new life. 

Making New Friends and Embracing Diversity 

Making new friends was one of the keys to my quick adjustment at UCL East. UCL is a very diverse university with students from different countries and regions. I made friends from all over the world, learned about various cultures and perspectives, and engaged in a range of activities organized by UCL East, which helped me connect with like-minded people and feel more comfortable on East campus. 

Preparing Academically 

Academically, the transition to graduate-level courses can be challenging for most people, including myself. However, I found that in every class I took at GBSH, professors held consultation hours for students to make appointments. So, don't hesitate to seek help when needed, whether through professors' consultation hours or assistance from TA. In addition, staying organized, taking thorough notes, and breaking down assignments into manageable tasks helped me keep up with my studies and get good grades. 

In short, studying at UCL East is a journey marked by learning, growth, and self-discovery. Through the experiences I have shared, you will be better equipped to embrace your studies and life at East with enthusiasm and confidence. Let's end with one of my favorite mottos: "You can choose the path you want to take and explore infinite possibilities.