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Tips for managing stress and keeping a state of well-being whilst studying

29 November 2023

GBSH student ambassador Khalid offers practical advice for managing study-related stress, including breaking down tasks, prioritising physical health, engaging in varied activities, and socialising. Discover his tips for a balanced student life.

Tips for managing stress and keeping a state of well-being whilst studying

Undoubtedly, the study is putting pressure on us, but how we react to that is critical.! Here are some points to manage that stress and maintain a state of well-being. 

Break down the achievement into daily tasks
Whether you have a report or a presentation to deliver, dividing the steps needed to achieve successful delivery into daily tasks will help you reduce the stress and progress on the task as well. Some helpful tools, such as the Kanban boards, are suitable for visualising the tasks. If missions are written down rather than in our minds, it will positively push us to pursue the job.

Get time to look after your physical health!
Immersing yourself in studying every day is very tough. We tend to worry about the short-term gains, which are the deadlines, and we forget about the long-term, which is our health! Giving yourself a specific amount of sport and fresh air daily is a need rather than a supplementary option. For example, running for an hour every day before or after doing the task will increase blood circulation and Dopamine secretions. Feeling happy is one way to reduce stress and increase productivity!

Make a side activity to wave from the study-related tasks
Working continuously on the same topic and task is usually frustrating. You can have more than one task on different topics each day. Sometimes, people like not to spend long on the same task. So, start by arranging tasks on multiple aspects and shift between them when you feel you can not continue with one of them.

Socialise with people and join some UCL Students’ Union activities
The social part of our life is also essential in our studies. Many international students miss this because they leave their country and their close family and friends. This issue can be solved easily with the strong Students’ Union Clubs. Joining clubs is one of the great chances to start socialising and creating new possible international friends.