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Things to do in London during November

23 November 2023

GBSH student ambassador Esther explores the best of London in November, from Christmas light switch-ons to Guy Fawkes Night fireworks, and Diwali celebrations. Get tips for enjoying the city's seasonal events and self-care advice for shorter, colder days.

Things to do in London during November

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas. Hey wait, don’t forget about November. Now that the clock has gone back an hour, the days are getting shorter and colder. Here are some of the highlights and best things to do in London this November!

Switch on of Christmas light 
The city is slowly succumbing to the Christmas festive vibe as the winter draws near. Time to brush away the cobwebs' decorations, cook the pumpkin, and let the twinkling Christmas lights adorn the entire city. To name a few, here are some places where you can enjoy this spectacular view of thousands of dazzling stars along the streets, such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and the list goes on. 


Guy Fawkes Night
Also known as Bonfire Night, is an annual commemoration on 5 November. If you’re new to the UK, you are probably unsure what it is about. It was about the conspiracy of Guy Fawkes plot (1605) to spark a Catholic uprising by blowing up the parliament and aimed to assassinate King James I and many of his nobles-but failed. On this day, the sky will be illuminated with the spectacular fireworks. Here are our picks for the fireworks night in London: Battersea Park, Alexandra Palace, Wimbledon Park, Morden Park, and Beckenham Park. Remember to book your ticket in advance!


Reading week  
Most of the courses (if not all) are having reading week from 6 to 12 November 2023. Time to take a breather and catch up with the readings and study progress. UCL GBSH has organised Careers Festivals and a series of workshops on 8 November 2023 (Thursday) and it is free for students to join. During this fair, there will be a wide range of global employers from different backgrounds, including health innovation, consultancy firms, digital start-ups and others, invited to the careers fair. Grab this opportunity to have direct interaction with industry experts and stay up-to-date on the current job markets! 

Celebrating Diwali Festival 
Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light, is celebrated on 12 November 2023 and it is a celebration of good triumphs over the evils, and light over darkness. Light up your spirit and join the joyous celebration! You may experience the “Diwali: Shine Your Light” celebration at Greenwich’s National Maritime Museum, admission is free! 

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
This festive extravaganza will start to open its gate from 17 November 2023 onwards and people can enjoy Yuletide fun for this jolly season. Featuring a thrill roller coaster ride, ice skating, circus shows, live music and a Christmas market, Winter Wonderland offers all the magical experiences during this winter.   

Self-care tips this winter
The daylight is getting shorter lately. Studies show that seasonal shifts in temperature, sunlight and weather will affect emotional change and higher risk for winter blues. Seize every opportunity to stay outdoors during sunny days and embrace the sunlight. Sunlight exposures will stimulate the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that regulates the circadian rhythm. Since sunlight helps to regulate serotonin, it may help to kick off the blues. Reduced sunlight exposure may also result in low Vitamin D levels, so you may want to consider getting your Vitamin D supplementation from nearby pharmacies. Stay physically active and don’t allow this cold weather to be an excuse to lead a sedentary lifestyle.   


Cold weather doesn’t have to bring you down. Now you have the list of what to do in November, time to check them off with your friends. Stay warm and make the most of your days this winter!