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A day in my life as a GBSH student

24 November 2023

GBSH student ambassador Andria shares a glimpse into her day as a student, balancing online seminars, in-person lectures, and study sessions while navigating life in London. Discover her routine and tips for managing a busy student schedule.


A day in the life of every GBSH student varies, especially on days when we don't have class. This is my usual routine on a random Tuesday!

8:30 am
Starting strong, I get up at 8:30 and prepare for my three h online Clinical trials seminar. The seminar begins at 9, so I do half of it in the comfort of my bed, but halfway through, I realise that I have to get up and prepare for the rest of my day.

10:30 am
Around halfway through the seminar, we get a 10-minute break, my window to get out of bed and get some stuff done. Firstly, I always like to make my bed in the morning and tidy up my room. Nothing is more annoying than coming home from a big day, going home to a messy room. So, I get up, ready my bed and room, and move to the kitchen (with my laptop, of course). That's when I take my morning medications, make coffee, and prepare my lunch for later.

12 am
After our online seminar, I first doo is a standard morning rou: brushing my teeth, washing my face, and getting dressed for the day. Living in the UK, checking the weather for rain is crucial for deciding what pants I will be wearing. *Nobody likes wet and soggy pants, or even worse, SOCKS*. Once I am physically ready to leave the house, the process of getting mentally prepared begins. Since I am halfway through my now lukewarm coffee, I make myself some avocado toast or a yoghurt bowl as breakfast to keep me full until I can have lunch. When I finish breakfast, I prepare my meal prep and try to clean up if I have time before leaving the house.

1:10 pm
Around 1:15-8 pm, I need to start heading towards Stratford to make it on time for my 2 pm lecture. I walk to the station, and luckily, I have a direct overground route to Stratford, making my life much more accessible. I arrive at Stratford around 1:40-45 pm, giving me just enough time for the 10-minute walk from the station to the UCL East campus. This is a 1 hr lecture @ One Pool Street for our Biotech and Pharma Practises and Policies module. 

3 pm
Once the lecture was finished, people in my seminar group made our way to Marshgate, where our 3-4 pm seminar was. We got to the room, sat in groups, and started discussing the material we had to read for seminar preparation. Time in this seminar always goes by fast because it's just a boring lesson. It was a chance to discuss with our peers and gain different perspectives on the cases we all had to read.

4 pm
After our seminar, I usually make my way to the Marshgate library with some friends so that we can leave our bags and laptops there before I go to the refectory for a quick lunch. Since most people have lunch by 4 pm, I usually have lunch by myself on Tuesdays while watching GreyGrey'stomy (for the 10th time). I finish lunch, pack my stuff, and return to the library. 

6:30 pm
After a 2-hour studying session at @Marshgate, most of us decided it was time to go home since our day technically started early. We packed our stuff and headed to Stratford station, where everyone took their own route home.

7 pm
When I get home, I sit on the couch for about an hour, mentally preparing myself for my night routine, which usually consists of a shower, making dinner, and finishing my day with (of course) some more GreyGreys!

Even though every day is different, this is my basic routine and how I tackle my days as a GBSH student. 
Thank you for spending a random Tuesday with me!
Andria <3