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Tips to lead a sustainable student life at GBSH

20 March 2023

As the resource well runs dry, the idea of sustainability has gained momentum globally. As students and future decision-makers, we are assigned the mammoth task of changing our lifestyles and choices for the betterment of the coming generation.

a hand assembling building blocks

It may seem too challenging to change your lifestyle completely, but it is the small decisions and choices which, in the long run, can create an everlasting impact.

Here are some tips to help you switch towards sustainable life as a student:

1. Ditch single-use plastic/cups

That coffee to go or water bottled in plastic adds to the existing waste and your pocket. Remember to bring your reusable mug or bottle when you go out for a drink. Don't rely on takeout all the time; acquire some cooking skills instead. You'll make better food choices with less saturated fat and sodium and use less single-use plastic packaging in the process.

2. Sustainable travel

Opting for sustainable modes of transportation, such as walking, biking or using public transportation can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Shop smart

It's tempting to get carried away with the newest student fashion trend. However, it is widely known that the fashion business is a major source of environmental damage, carbon emissions and a violation of human rights on a global scale. These fashion trends only last a few months before they become irrelevant again and they end up being expensive and wasteful for everyone. Therefore, it's best to get your staple garments from eco-friendly, local or thrift stores.

4. Recycle responsibly.

Check the packaging, separate your trash, and take glass to designated waste disposals.

5. Create a more environmentally friendly space in your room

● Pull up the blinds and make the best of the sunlight.

● Make sure to turn off your plug sockets when they are not in use.

● Turn off the lights if you are going out.

● Activate your computer's power-saving mode.

● Don't waste water by letting the faucet run while you brush your teeth or condition your hair in the shower.

6. Quit making copies and printing out countless documents

Borrow books from the library or read as much as possible on your smart device to help save the trees.

7. Minimize your consumption

Any time you have an overwhelming desire to go shopping, whether online or at a physical store, ask yourself if you need anything new. If you decide you need something, check to see if you can find a second hand one in good condition first. You can assist the earth and your wallet by purchasing second hand items and you will be helping the seller out in the process.

8. Be a part of sustainable initiatives

Join in on the campus’ sustainable efforts by participating in sustainability-related activities and events. This can include volunteering, participating and/or attending seminars and workshops on environmental issues. These initiatives can raise awareness, promote community engagement, and create positive change.

The importance of living and learning in a sustainable manner cannot be overstated for today's students. To improve you lives, your communities, and the world at large, students can start with simple actions and expand from there. You are paving the way for a brighter future not only for yourself, but for generations too.