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UCL GBSH Healthcare Executive Programme

Evolve into a transformative and formidable healthcare leader with the ability to implement transformational change and transform global health.

The global healthcare sector is continuously transforming in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Effectively leading and navigating the healthcare sector through these changes has become more crucial than ever. This 8-month multi-modular programme, led by world-renowned industry experts and healthcare management innovators, will empower healthcare leaders with the tools needed to drive forward impactful innovation and change for global healthcare.

A Transformational Learning Experience

Delivered by the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) – the world’s first business school dedicated to health and healthcare management – the Healthcare Executive Programme (HEP) will help you champion digital transformation and develop a growth mindset and essential prowess in operational analysis, problem solving, employee governance, and more.

Some of the programme highlights include the exclusive global HEP and UCL GBSH Executive Education alumni networks, the leading-edge curriculum focused on vital areas of the new health economy, the multi-modular format that includes classroom modules at the UCL East Campus in London and immersive live-online sessions, and more. With this programme you will be able to balance organizational sustainability with patient-centered healthcare to pilot growth as a transformative and formidable healthcare leader.

The Power of UCL and London

Embarking on this Executive Education course brings you the exceptional benefits of studying at a world top 10 university with globally renowned health credentials. You will make the most of our elite custom-built facilities at  the UCL East Campus, where UCL’s heritage, disruptive spirit and ambitions for public good converge. Anchored by the inimitable experience of London – a global city that is a leader in health and business – the Healthcare Executive Programme provides unprecedented opportunities to innovate and push boundaries in healthcare.

Make a Difference as a Senior Healthcare Leader

In a global healthcare landscape that is undergoing continuous change, the need for innovation and targeted leadership is high. With this programme, you will be poised as a leader who can identify and leverage growth opportunities for your organization, while driving much-needed solutions to modern challenges in the new health economy. You will be able to balance organizational sustainability with patient-centered healthcare to pilot growth as a transformative and formidable healthcare leader.

What’s involved:

  • Designed and delivered by world-renowned industry experts and healthcare management innovators, this programme will take you on an in-depth learning journey that will enable you to expertly navigate the new health economy. 
  • The programme will allow you to employ a strategic lens that is essential for continuous innovation and research-backed decision-making in an ever-evolving sector.
  • You will explore key areas required for the new age global leader to successfully navigate uncertainty, implement transformational change and migrate to future-ready technology driven business models in healthcare.
  • You will be able to grow your global network of like-minded healthcare leaders on a shared journey to shape the current dynamic global health environment.
  • You will gain invaluable skills, insights, knowledge, expertise and overall growth that will help you lead your organization in an uncertain global environment.


Who the programme is for

The programme is designed for ambitious healthcare leaders who are responsible for leading their organization to success. Applications are welcome from professionals with:

  • Significant experience as clinical leader, policymaker, healthcare executive or manager tasked with making decisions on digital health innovations in their healthcare organization including:
    • Managers of managers.
    • Senior functional managers and business heads.
    • Individuals with outstanding careers and leadership roles in a variety of settings.
  • A strong drive to succeed and aspirations to reach beyond the obvious career milestones.
  • A demonstrated ability to adapt, learn and apply new knowledge in varied situations.
  • A minimum of 5+ years of work experience in functional, clinical, technical, or policy making roles.
  • A strong academic track record.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

On completion of UCL GBSH Healthcare Executive Programme, you will be able to:

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of contemporary topics that drive transformational healthcare
  • Interpret the leaders’ role in building high-performing teams and strengthen strategic leadership skills to manage conflicts and lead transformational change
  • Develop sophisticated communication and people skills for modern healthcare management
  • Employ advanced decision-making skills based on evidence and analytical tools to understand data-driven approaches to healthcare
  • Exert a nuanced ability to leverage opportunities for growth in the new health economy for your organization
  • Discern the big picture and accordingly assess value for healthcare patients, organizations and the society
  • Leverage AI/ML and big data for platform-enabled digital business models in healthcare
  • Foster an innovative problem-solving mindset and employ design thinking framework within your organization
  • Envision how value-based healthcare is transforming healthcare organizations
  • Gain insights into operations management and supply chain principles in healthcare delivery

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