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Bridging interoperability with a blockchain – Unlocking patient data for better outcomes

25 January 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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The lack of accessibility to electronic medical records (EHR) has long been recognised as a barrier to improving health outcomes and care. This event will discuss the various barriers and how they can be overcome.

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Global Business School for Health

The lack of accessibility to electronic medical records (EHR) has long been recognised as a barrier to improving health outcomes and care. While EHR systems are increasing, they tend to be internally focused within health organisations with poor interoperability between platforms.  Without improvement in interoperability, digital technology, patient-centred care, and preventative health technology will continue to lag. With ageing populations with co-morbidity, solving the interoperability barrier becomes more urgent as patients continue to present differently in different EHR systems. A blockchain-based system is one possible solution. In this webinar, we look at the challenges and opportunities that blockchain, coupled with crucial technology and regulatory environment, could have on liberating patients and generating an aligned healthcare system. 

About the Speakers

Anne-Marie Vine-Lott

Vodafone, Head of Centre for Health working with Deloitte at Vodaphone

I have spent the vast majority of my career as a senior finance professional (FCCA) but moved into Business Development and then Sales from 2018. My career spans both the public and private sectors, my role prior to Vodafone being with Oracle where I worked across Health & Social Care; Central Government and its Agencies; the Police; and Retail, Media and Gaming. Having managed both Finance and Sales teams, irrespective of what function I work in and second only to the talented people I have worked with, technology has been the greatest enabler of innovation, productivity and efficiency. I work closely with clients to progress their ability to improve outcomes and the 'end-user' experience whilst, particularly as an ex Finance Director and civil servant, understanding budgetary constraints. I am passionate about technology in Health & Social Care - particularly since COVID - and how we can support the whole 'system’ in being more coherent and accessible to patients/users to improve outcomes. This is something that impacts us all in many ways every day and there is so much more we can do! Diversity, sustainability and social value are hugely important to me and I am proud to support the 'Social Investment Business' (SIB) as a Non-Executive Director and member of the Audit and Finance Committee. SIB supports a wide range of organisations providing (through grants and loans, but also advice and practical help) finance for fairer communities.

Stewart Southey

at Catena.MBA

I am an experienced Consultant Anaesthesiologist now based in the Cayman Islands, an MBA graduate and a Healthcare Strategist with a passion for how technological innovation can improve the delivery of healthcare. Whilst I follow and support all MedTech projects, my main focus is on how blockchain can support new business models and create value through efficiencies, cost reductions, security improvements, and greater data sharing. Though still immature, I believe that this is the future of care delivery. I recently completed an MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency and am the founder of Catena. MBA - A Global Blockchain

Consulting Group. As the lead for Healthcare, I advise start-ups and multinationals that are evaluating the blockchain potential.

Dr. Maddy Borhani

at ResMed

Head of Strategy and Innovation at ResMed. Previously, Assistant Director of NHSX in Technology in Healthcare/Digital Productivity. Dynamic, versatile and visionary leader with extensive experience delivering digital transformation programmes across health and care. As an experienced Chartered Engineer and Medical Equipment Specialist, I also have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in design thinking, process mapping and service improvement.

Adam Dubis


Dr Adam Dubis is an enterprise minded educator, specialising in image and health data analysis. He started his career in the US, studying biology and chemistry, and participating in his university’s health entrepreneurship courses. Upon entering graduate school at the Medical College of Wisconsin, his background mixed with engineering resulting in commercialisation of several analytical tools and methods for ophthalmology. Moving to London in 2013, he has continued his enterprise activities consulting for a number of start-ups, as well as commercialising health analytics through patent filings and spin out companies. Since the beginning of my postgraduate work, my focus has always been on translating research from in silico to bedside. I have sought to continually build personal and team development tackling new challenging areas for myself and working in multidisciplinary teams to deliver successful outcomes through commercialisation of several devices and algorithms. These experiences taught me about the regulatory frameworks required for commercialisation in the medical technology space, and given my international placements, has also exposed me to how these vary across global markets.