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Clone of Webinars - Reimagining business and management for a healthier society

Reimagining business and management for a healthier society is our free webinar series bringing together thought leaders from across the emerging health ecosystem.

Interconnections between business and health sectors are not well understood. Nevertheless, companies are increasingly seeing health and healthcare as a place where they can do business while making a difference to society. 

Reimagining Business and Management for a Healthier Society is a webinar series bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders who find themselves driving forward aspects of universal healthcare and wellbeing. Experts in big tech, consultancy, health innovation and finance will come together with academics to explore some of the emerging themes and questions of our time.

Hosted by the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) – the world’s first business school dedicated to health and healthcare management – this webinar series is part of our work to disrupt and reimagine global healthcare management. 

Programme of events

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Bridging interoperability with a blockchain – unlocking patient data for better outcomes

1:00pm (BST)

The lack of accessibility to electronic medical records (EHR) has long been recognised as a barrier to improving health outcomes and care. While EHR systems are increasing, they tend to be internally focused within health organisations with poor interoperability between platforms. Without improvement in interoperability, digital technology, patient-centred care, and preventative health technology will continue to lag. With ageing populations with co-morbidity, solving the interoperability barrier becomes more urgent as patients continue to present differently in different EHR systems. A blockchain-based system is one possible solution. 

In this webinar, we look at the challenges and opportunities that blockchain, coupled with crucial technology and regulatory environment, could have on liberating patients and generating an aligned healthcare system. 

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Stewart Southey, Catena.MBA - I am an experienced Consultant Anaesthesiologist now based in the Cayman Islands, an MBA graduate and a Healthcare Strategist with a passion for how technological innovation can improve the delivery of healthcare. Whilst I follow and support all MedTech projects, my main focus is on how blockchain can support new business models and create value through efficiencies, cost reductions, security improvements, and greater data sharing. Though still immature, I believe that this is the future of care delivery. I recently completed an MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency and am the founder of Catena.MBA - A Global Blockchain Consulting Group. As the lead for Healthcare, I advise start-ups and multinationals that are evaluating the blockchain potential.

Dr. Maddy Borhani, ResMed - Head of Strategy and Innovation at ResMed.  Previously, Assistant Director of NHSX in Technology in Healthcare/Digital Productivity. Dynamic, versatile and visionary leader with extensive experience delivering digital transformation programmes across health and care. As an experienced Chartered Engineer and Medical Equipment Specialist, I also have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in design thinking, process mapping and service improvement.

Adam Dubis, UCL GBSH, Associate Professor - Dr Adam Dubis is an enterprise minded educator, specialising in image and health data analysis. He started his career in the US, studying biology and chemistry, and participating in his university’s health entrepreneurship courses. Upon entering graduate school at the Medical College of Wisconsin, his background mixed with engineering resulting in commercialisation of several analytical tools and methods for ophthalmology. Moving to London in 2013, he has continued his enterprise activities consulting for a number of start-ups, as well as commercialising health analytics through patent filings and spin out companies. Since the beginning of my postgraduate work, my focus has always been on translating research from in silico to bedside. I have sought to continually build personal and team development tackling new challenging areas for myself and working in multidisciplinary teams to deliver successful outcomes through commercialisation of several devices and algorithms. These experiences taught me about the regulatory frameworks required for commercialisation in the medical technology space, and given my international placements, has also exposed me to how these vary across global markets. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

How do you reframe healthcare around preventative care?

1:00pm (GMT)

Healthcare challenges present a wicked problem for tired and overwhelmed health systems. The issues are known by many and solved by a few. However, many of us point to preventative care as the solution to slowing the team of patients. The political and financial will to drive it forward at scale is scant. How is the reframing of health around the patient and integrated care drawing us closer to finding answers that take us beyond therapeutics and into diagnostics and primary care? 

In this webinar, we bring a panel of experts to discuss how to get preventative medicine at the heart of health and healthcare now. 

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Ian Smith, Chair NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board - With a career spanning healthcare, publishing, construction, strategy consulting and logistics, Ian has over 40 years’ experience leading highly complex multinational companies including a number of chief executive roles.
Previously Executive Chairman of Four Seasons Health Care and Chief Executive of the General Healthcare Group, Ian has an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system and patient needs, particularly in terms of acute, psychiatric, and elderly care. 
Ian was also Chair of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust from 2017 – 2019 and is currently a Non-executive Director at the Ministry of Defence

Sarah Morgan, Chief People Officer, North Central London, Integrated Care System - 

Sarah Morgan is an experienced healthcare professional with nearly twenty years experience both operationally and at Board level in the NHS, as health advisor for a large management consultancy firm and in policy development at the Department of Health and Social Care. 

She's currently working leading the Workforce Programme for South East London Integrated Care System, which covers a population of 1.9m across 6 Boroughs in London and c102,000 staff delivering health and social care.

Sarah a visionary and strategic thinker but also understand how to deliver complex service change. In 2014 I was seconded from my role on the Board of a Mental Health Trust to lead a national review into the future options and opportunities for NHS providers which brought Groups into the NHS architecture. It also unlocked my mission to reduce unwarranted variation and support the delivery of high quality care for patients, wherever they access care. 

Dr. Linda Harris, CEO Specturm Community Health CIC - Chief Executive, Spectrum Community Health CIC. A former Wakefield General Practitioner and Clinical Director, Linda has championed the needs of vulnerable people for over 15 years. Linda is a trustee of SpectrumPeople, Fellow and Medical Director of Substance Misuse and Associated Health for the RCGP.

Wednesday, 12 April 2023

What is the role of small businesses in promoting health and well-being

1:00pm (GMT)

We are hearing much more about the role of businesses, primarily through their ESG agendas since the Covid-19 pandemic. There are explicit calls to have health featured more prominently, particularly in terms of metrics and the role of businesses in terms of their employees and customers. Yet, with the gig economy, we see the number of small businesses growing, with many operating online locally and globally. Consequently, this webinar focuses on the role of small businesses in promoting and championing the health agenda, particularly around equality and prevention – what is a small business to do?


The list of speakers are subject to change.

Julie Davies, UCL GBSH, Professor

Gisela Abbam, Chair, General Pharmaceutical Council and Senior Director, Government Affairs at PerkinElmer