UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences


Inference and Bayesian Networks in forensic evidence interpretation

Our research into the inferences made in forensic science is essential to understand the real value of particular evidence types in reconstructions and decision-making. What is the weight we can attribute to forensic evidence and how is this related to the uncertainty that surrounds all forensic scenarios?

Our research revolves around the potential of building frameworks to support forensic science decision makers, and as well as the legal community, in assessing and presenting a clear, transparent and robust evidence. Packaged together, what does the evidence mean? And how certain are we?

Our innovative research is investigating the use of Bayesian Networks, an approach to visually plot the weight of multiple pieces of information and their association with each other.

You won’t see this kind of work on CSI, but it has a vital role to play in supporting the justice system with much more robust and transparent forensic science.

Current research

  • Applying Bayesian networks into the interpretation of forensic trace evidence. 

Research projects

  • The use of Bayesian networks to develop frameworks for the interpretation and presentation of forensic networks.
  • The role of forensic science research and the usability of forensic evidence.