FBA Bitesize training

27 January 2020

Celebrating Bitesize success!

Staff sitting at a table

Established in 2017, the FBA Bitesize training has gone from strength to strength. Initially set up to focus on topics that our partners in School Finance needed, the portfolio has grown and in 2018-19 27 sessions on varying topics were delivered to @1,100 attendees. 

The fundamental aim of the Bitesize concept is to bring people across UCL together to learn and share ideas via discussion, and the team are always keen to bring in experts to take part. A particularly successful session was delivered by OVPA about how they can help staff deal with due diligence, gift agreements, gift aid etc. The attendees appreciated that they could ask questions to the speakers directly during the Q&A opportunity, and felt it useful to know that there was a team they could go to for fundraising.

The style of the sessions, which are free and open to all, are friendly and informal, providing practical tips and help. The are not designed to provide a 'death by powerpoint' information download, but more of a dialogue between people with specialist knowlege and those who are interested in learning. The organisers want staff to come out thinking that they can do their job better.

It appears that they fulfill this aim as feedback shows that the training is well received, and that the standard of knowledge and presentation is 'very good':

"I attended for general knowledge so I found it all useful and the increase in my understanding of how this system works will help me perform tasks quicker in the future."
Feedback from the Chart of Accounts Bitesize

There are new subjects in the pipeline, such as purchasing, sales invoicing and post award (research) amongst others. There is a useful set of Training pages on the Finance website, where you can find information about upcoming sessions and all the resources from previous sessions.

Well done to everyone involved, and here's to the continuing success of Bitesize! 


Liz Mooney
FBA Divisional Manager