Finance CoPs

9 December 2019

Despite Year End, and now Month End, work has been progressing on the Finance CoPs ...

Expenses & Insurance

Financial Management

This CoP is in the lead, having agreed four projects to be worked on:

  • #1 Reporting Guide
  • #2 Finance Resources Platform
  • #3 Induction Pack
  • #4 Budgeting Process Toolkit

Currently this CoP is in the data-gathering phase, collecting information to inform these projects. 

The project leads are:

  • Audrey Fenwick, Senior Management Accountant, Finance & Business Affairs 
  • Chris Connew, Head of Planning and Performance, Office of the Vice-Provost (Advancement) Sciences 

Purchasing & Procurement

Having started later, the projects for this CoP are in the forming stage:

  • #1 Comms & Engagement
  • #2 Finance Toolkit
  • #3 Finance Starter Pack
  • #4 Best Practice for finance tasks

The project leads are: 

  • Hanna Chipchase, Procurement Manager, Procurement Services
  • Anita Treso, Senior School Administrator, Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management.
  • Liz Mooney, Divisional Manager, Finance & Business Affairs (Amendment: As of January 2021 Liz is no longer a lead)

Working together

As you can see some of the projects are similar, the two CoPs will work togeher to ensure that there is no overlap between projects and there is consistency in the outputs and the way things are presented. 

Your CoPs need YOU!

Both groups are looking for new members to bolster their core membership. If you are interested in having a say in how our projects can be shaped and implemented please contact any of the above Leads - we would be very happy to hear from you :)

For more information about each of the CoPs, you can ask us or check out our Finance Plus page on the TOPS website.


Audrey, Chris, Hanna & Anita