UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Dissertations 2018

  • Agency between epistemology and methodology: the state and the subject in the mature works of Michel Foucault and Jurgen Habermas

  • The Body in Antigone

  • Government Accountability in Rousseau's The Social Contract

  • NGO's Legitimacy in Jeopardy: Government Donors and their Mechanisms of Control

  • What do the latest investigations reveal about the sources of Cosa Nostra's power and how the organisation has changed over the last 4-5 decades?

  • Spain's Plan Africa and its effects on West African migratory dynamics: A critical assessment of the externalisation of migration management

  • Changing Attitudes Towards Anglicisms in France and Canada: An Analysis of Modern Discourses in Language Planning and Policy

  • Why were sexual violence victims excluded from the post-conflict Interim Relief Program in Nepal?

  • Diplomatic Immunity in Early Modern Europe: A Norm Life Cycle Approach

  • A Pluralist Solution to the Paradox of Tragedy

  • Which doctrine should the Court of Justice of the European Union employ in its adjudication of negative integration?

  • The Women of ISIS: Towards a new understanding of Western female recruits' motivations to join the organisation

  • Democracy and the Laws of War: Why do democratic states show restraint when in conflict with nonstate actors who violate the laws of war?

  • Revolution or Revisionism: A Conceptual Morphology of Spanish Marxism 1931-1937

  • The Role of National Identity in the Politics of Citizenship in Post-World War Two Germany

  • The Quest for Post-Socialist Urban Identities: A Tale of Two Cities

  • (Un)Contentious Campuses: Mapping participation rates in student protest at the post-2010 university

  • Evolution of the Natural Gas Trade between Russia and the EU: Legal and Political Aspects

  • Didier Eribon: Habitus and Gay Resubjectivation

  • Reconciling divided communities: the transformative power of the arts in Northern Ireland

  • The Self-Determination Empire: Assessing the (il)legality of the Donbas secession attempts in a post-Soviet regional context

  • The construction of political trust in de facto states under the Russian partonage: Transnistria and Abkhazia