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Multilingual Metal Music

12 April 2021

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Dr. Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi, associate professor in Finnish and minority languages, and PhD candidates, Charlotte Doesberg, and Amanda DiGioia, join “Talking Europe” to discuss their new edited volume, which brings together the fascinating pairing of rock music and research.

The three SSEES researchers are the co-editors of ‘Multilingual Metal Music: Sociocultural, Linguistic and Literary Perspectives on Heavy Metal Lyrics’ (Emerald Publishing, 2020).

In conversation with Avery Anapol (EI Digital Editor), Riitta, Charlotte, and Amanda discuss the many cultural, linguistic, and political influences to metal music, the diverse methodological approaches represented in their edited volume, and what to wear to an academic conference where the attendees are all heavy metal fans. 

Transcript available here

‘Multilingual Metal: Sociocultural, Linguistic & Literary Perspectives on Heavy Metal Lyrics’ is available as a hardback or ebook from Emerald Publishing.

Musical excerpts:

Podcast editing by Carina Vogelsberger.

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