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Amanda Digioia

Amanda Digioia…

Supervisors: Dr Titus Hjelm
Email: amanda.digioia.16@ucl.ac.uk

Working title of thesis:  Constructing Female Identity in the Finnish Heavy Metal Music Scene

Research:  The objective of my doctoral work is to examine gender as a part of the complex web of cultural connections between Finnish women and heavy metal.  Thus, the main research question of this study is: How is the female gender conceptualized, perpetuated, and performed in the Finnish heavy metal subculture? The focus of this study will be on rituals, rules, traditions, and behaviors of and relation to women that are found within the Finnish heavy metal subculture, though interview questions will also address how gender in songs and performers is seen by, and therefore influences, fans. 

Research interests: diegetic sound in horror texts, feminist theory, Finnish society and culture



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