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Housing is more than Houses: Catherine Bauer and Modern Housing

25 September 2020

"'Modern housing’ was really never just about houses, it was about building whole communities from the ground up."

Professor Barbara Penner

Barbara Penner, Professor of Architectural Humanities at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), takes a look at the history of European modern housing. This architectural movement was well-documented by Catherine Bauer, the leading advocate for public housing in the United States, in her call for modelling the achievements of modern housing architects and city planners in inter-war Europe. Prof Penner has authored the foreword for the 2020 re-print of Bauer’s seminal work, Modern Housing, and shares with us why Bauer’s work is crucial to understand from an architectural, historical, and feminist point of view.

This video was produced by European Institute Communications and Outreach Intern Carina Vogelsberger.

Transcript available here in PDF and Word Document.

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