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Brexit Divisions: event series and openDemocracy guest weeks

17 February 2016


15 February 2016
This March, we are bringing together leaders of the UK's Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns, as well as analysts, academics and activists, in order to examine how campaigns can influence how people think and vote in referendums. On 08 March,  Brexit Divisions I the UK's current Brexit campaigns and the lessons we can learn from previous EU referendums in other countries. During Brexit Divisions II on 22 March, our focal point will be migration, probably the one core issue swaying voters. Want more? We are also guest editing two weeks' worth of articles with openDemocracy 7- 11 and 21-25 March.

Brexit Divisions I: What you ought to know about EU referendums and the UK debate, brings the leaders of the Stronger in and Vote Leave campaigns together with campaign analysts and activists from the UK and other EU referendums elsewhere. What arguments, stories, images or what campaign strategies may shape the way people make sense of EU membership? What might be the decisive turning points in the debate, and what lessons can be learned from previous referendums?

Brexit Divisions II: The Mother of Migration Debates looks at migration as a key point of controversy and opinion shaper in the Brexit debate. Its aim is to inject factual clarity and critical analysis into the debate. How are certain claims and facts regarding free movement and the refugee crisis being used?

For any questions please contact Claudia Sternberg.

Our Brexit Divisions Series and the openDemocracy weeks around it are co-funded by a grant from the European Commission Office in the UK. They do not to take sides in the debate, but offer information and critical analysis, challenging arguments on both sides of the debate.