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Brexit Divisions II: The Mother of Migration Debates

22 March 2016, 12:00 am

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22 March 2016, 3.00-7.30pm
Migration is the key opinion shaper and point of controversy in the Brexit campaigns. With this half-day event, we aim to inject factual clarity and critical analysis into the debate, challenging arguments on both sides. What are the key claims and facts regarding free movement, the refugee crisis and the EU's role in either? How are they used to influence people as they make sense of the choice about EU membership?

This event follows a first one on 08 March, Brexit Divisions I: What you ought to know about EU referendums and the UK debate.

Both events are embedded in guest editor weeks on openDemocracy that we are hosting 7-11 and 21-25 March. The events are open to the public, and targeted at activists and opinion shapers, analysts and commentators, students and academics, as well as interested citizens. 

22 March 2016, 3.00-7.30pm
Followed by a wine reception

Senate House, Beveridge Hall
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU




The effects of EU migration on the UK

  Christian Dustmann,
Professor of Economics, UCL
Director of CReAM, Centre for Research and Analysis on Migration


Stephen Booth
Co-Director Open Europe

David Goodhart
Director of Integration Hub
Head of the Demography, Immigration and Integration Unit at Policy Exchange 



Uta Staiger
Deputy Director, UCL European Institute

5.00-5.30pm  Refreshments

Roundtable: migration, public opinion and Brexit

  John Springford
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform
  Steven Woolfe MEP
UKIP Frontbench Spokesman on Migration and Financial Affairs
  Hugo Dixon
Columnist and entrepreneur
Chairman of InFacts
  Amy Ludlow
Affiliated Faculty Lecturer in Law
College Lecturer, University of Cambridge
  Ian Preston
Professor of Economics, UCL
Deputy Research Director of CReAM
Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies


John Peet
Political Editor, The Economist

Our Brexit Divisions Series and the openDemocracy weeks around it are co-funded by a grant from the European Commission Office in the UK. Our aim in them is to offer information and analysis that clarifies issues at stake, challenging arguments made on both sides of the debate. For any questions, please contact Claudia Sternberg.

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