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A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2016

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We became a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence under the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme in 2016 and renewed this status in 2019. Our two three-year work programmes were organised in thematic strands, enabling projects led by academic colleagues from across UCL.

Programme I: 2016 - 2019

Programme II: 2019 - 2022

Challenging Europe

Challenging Europe

Students engaging with diverse European London communities through creative, ethnographic and linguistic research. Programme under the UCL Global Citizenship Summer School (Led by Eszter Tarsoly and Jelena Čalić, UCL SSEES)

Challenges to the Rule of Law

Rule of Law - Photo of columns on the facade of a building

Taking on a pressing issue facing the Union from several member states through a conference, roundtable, seminar and LLM module (Led by Piet Eeckhout and Ronan McCrea, UCL Laws and Heather Grabbe, OSEPI-ADD)


Photo of a row of empty seats on an aeroplane

Exploring practical and emotional experiences of EU migrants and their host societies through a teaching module, open-access book Invisible Poles (2019) and online resource guides (Led by Anne White, UCL SSEES)

Left-wing Populism

Left-wing populism

Asks if leftist politics can ever be popular in Europe, through a public event, academic workshop and academic volume (Led by Philippe Marlière, UCL SELCS)

LGBTQ Migration and Asylum

A rainbow Refugees Welcome sign

Examining individual lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer experiences of migration and refuge in Europe through a conference, workshops and online resource guide (Led by Richard Mole, UCL SSEES)

Perverting the Power Vertical

Perverting the Power Vertical

Exploring resistance, illiberalism, politics and aesthetics in the Global East, through a virtual seminar series and symposium, and the Birzhastation pavilion at the 2020 Tbilisi Architecture Biennale (Led by Michał Murawski of UCL SSEES, with Maria Mileeva and Denis Maksimov)


A map of Europe

Challenging discourses of national and parliamentary sovereignty through a conference and two webpages collating research, academic commentary, videos, policy engagement and resources on Brexit (Led by Uta Staiger, UCL European Institute)

Scotland, and how small and regional states influence the EU

A man playing the bagpipes

Policy-focused events, papers, and blogs in collaboration with the Scottish Centre on European Relations (Led by SCER Director Kirsty Hughes)


A gold statue on top of a building

Bringing together normative ideas and the empirical study of what makes people accept authority as legitimate or not, through an international workshop, monograph and scholarly articles (Led by Claudia Sternberg, UCL European Institute)

Britain and Europe 2.0

Image of the People's March supporting the UK remaining in the EU

Continuation of all our work—events, podcasts, videos, the UCL Europe Blog—on the UK’s relationship with Europe