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Regional and small state influencing in the EU

Lessons for and from Scotland, on how small states and EU regions network and influence in key EU policy areas.

A collaboration with the Scottish Centre on European Relations and led by its Director, Kirsty Hughes, this project is part of our current Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence programme. In an upcoming report, a series of blogs, and a couple of policy roundtables, we look at how smaller EU states develop and implement their strategies and priorities in today's EU - with a particular focus on the European Green Deal, new industrial strategy and the Northern Dimension - and consider what lessons Scotland can learn from them. 

A report based on qualitative research on Scotland

This project will undertake qualitative research through literature review, analysis of policy documents, and some interviews in analysing main three questions for Scotland in the three policy areas:
•    Industrial strategy in a green and digital Europe
•    Climate change and sustainability strategies
•    European neighbourhood policy and the northern dimension

This project is led by Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER).

Two events 

•    One policy roundtable will be targeted at a diverse range of high-level policy audience.

•    One public panel debate.

These two events will consider how small states and EU regions network and influence in key EU policy areas. 

Both events will analyse, adapted to the respective target audience: 

•    Scotland’s key European interests and current and potential new strategy for policy development, influencing and networking (whether based inside or outside the EU and its single market) 

•    Scotland’s strategy depending on which Brexit and independence scenarios unfold

•    lessons for Scotland should learn from other smaller EU member states (and perhaps from an EEA member like Norway) and from larger EU regions.