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Joanne Scott Awarded Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship

1 September 2012

Joanne Scott

Joanne Scott, Professor of European Law, has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship for 24 months, effective 1 Sept 2012. These awards enable well-established and distinguished researchers in the disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences to devote themselves to a single research project of outstanding originality and significance, capable of completion within two or three years; and are particularly aimed at those who are or have been prevented by routine duties from completing a programme of original research. Her project details are as follows:

The Global Reach of EU Climate Change Law: A Game-Changing Strategy?
The European Union (EU) has placed itself at the heart of the drive to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. It not only pursues this aim internally but also externally through the ‘global reach’ of its climate change law. It is this extra-territorial ambition of EU law that forms the heart of this research. Joanne Scott argues that the EU is pursuing an innovative strategy that she calls ‘contingent unilateralism’. Her project assesses the legality, equity and effectiveness of this strategy and argues that a new mode of global leadership is emerging that challenges both unilateralist and multilateralist interpretations of global governance.

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