Centre for Ethics and Law



The UCL Centre for Ethics and Law works at the interface between law and ethics

The centre's members are particularly interested in the relationships between ethics and the professions; law, ethics and businessinnovationtechnology and ethics and ethics and risk. Our work draws on law, philosophy, psychology and practice.

The Centre:

  • provides a focus for thought leadership
  • organises a programme of events for engaging with and challenging business and professional approaches to ethics
  • conducts theoretical and applied research including funded postgraduate research opportunities
  • teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses with strong ethics components

We aim to encourage ethical reflection, awareness and positive change through teaching, research and stakeholder engagement with the public, policy makers, regulators, practitioners and academics. 

Through think tanks and other events we bring together academics, policy makers, practitioners and business leaders to discuss ethical dilemmas in business and professional life. Through teaching and research we provide thought leadership.