Mini SKA Template

The Mini Ska assessment should be used as a minimum standard for all small projects, for example, corridor or single room refurbishments. UCL would expect all relevant criteria in scope to be met.

The UCL Environmental Sustainability Team can offer support in using the above tools and/or in preparing your specification and choosing products and materials. 

The criteria listed can be copied directly into a specification if using third parties for the design and installation or the listed resources can be used to find the most sustainable solutions internally. 

For each separate Mini-Ska measure, the project manager/ team are required to confirm the following information:

What is in scope?

Is the measure relevant to the scope of the works for the project?

What is included in the design?

If so, have each of the requirements been allowed for in design and procurement documentation?

The review of what has been achieved on site

(On completion of the works) Was each of the measures implemented as designed?

How should compliance be evidenced?

Provide a brief explanation of how each requirement will be/ was implemented.

What are the references?

Provide a list of documentary evidence references which can be used to confirm compliance. For example design documents where a requirement is included should be provided with additional evidence or annotation where possible.

Download Mini-SKA template 

Last updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2024